Robot Love One Year Anniversary


Steamy steel-on-steel action! Tomorrow (Thursday) evening we will join our friends at Robot Love in celebrating their one year anniversary. It seems like only yesterday that they opened their doors to offer a huge selection of totally awesome, utterly useless collectibles. Joining us in our swaying, drunken toast of “for he’s a jolly-good fellow” will be Mel Gibson and the Pants and Vox Vermillion. Gimme a Robot! Gimme a Love! Now that I’ve finally got the two things that Santa never coughed up, hi-fives all around! Oh right, it’s at the Nomad at 9:00. 21+, $6.

Since we’re on the subject of anniversaries, we’d be remiss not to mention the Rhymesayers 10th Anniversary on Friday at Uncle Sam’s. P.O.S will be representing along with some other dudes whose names escape me. All joking aside, let it be known: Rhymesayers is tops. No shit. Like a fire-breathing unicorn rearing atop a mountain’s summit, with, like a huge sword. It’s hard to look at that and not be awestruck. So come and join fifteen-hundred of your friends to give those guys one massive, sweaty handshake.

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