Two False Hopes


Yeah, the rumors are true: At eight o’clock on December 14th, as the doors creak open to welcome you to the Blowout 3, Doomtree will be issuing TWO new False Hopeses. Ouch.

First off, Paper Tiger is dropping his debut disc, and let me tell you it’s real real solid. Seven knocking instrumentals and a track featuring our very own Dessa. Get a taste at Papes’ space. There’s some serious heat coming from the Tiger’s den (this sentence cost us $1,200).

And as if that wasn’t enough, the whole Doomtree crew is unleashing a train wreck‘s worth of outtakes and tidbits and remixes. It’s as good as good gets, so get it while the getting’s good. As a matter of fact, you can preview a track at First Ave’s website. Wet them whistles.

Tickets for the Blowout are currently on sale. You’d be wise to swoop yours now, because you don’t want to be left out in the cold (literally) with all the other last minute Larrys. Purchase a couple at the Master of Tickets, or at your favorite local mom and pop. We strongly recommend picking them up from our homegirls at Head to Toe (2445 Nicollet Ave S).

Two firm shakes of the good hand go out to and the Current, both of whom have been kind enough to sponsor the Blowout this year. Good people. If things go as planned, expect to be dazzled by Mark Wheat’s rap debut during a cipher on the corner of 1st and 7th.

OK. We’ll check in in a couple of days to see how you’re coping. In the meantime, have a manically happy Thanksgiving, and say what’s up to your family.