2 Weeks 'til the Blowout

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The Blowout is less than two weeks away. Good God.

Naturally we can’t say too much about what’s in store, because that would spoil the element of surprise, but there are a few bits of declassified information you might be interested in hearing. So here goes:

The Show
Expect a non-stop barrage of patented Doomtree heat (patent pending), featuring some very special guests from the extended fam-o. Plenty of new songs, old favorites, and near-certain, totally avoidable injuries. Odds are on Sims spraining an ankle, and Cecil and Turbo knocking heads, resulting in at least one pressure wound between them.

The Visuals
We’re working with a crack team to insure that your eyes are as impressed as your ears and your liver. KHS, Co-Op Media, and Seth Walker are Voltroning it to produce some crazy-ass motion graphics for broadcast throughout the club, and KHS will once again wow you with their wheat-pasting prowess.

The Afterparty
When the performance ends, the party don’t. Everyone (well, everyone over 21) is invited to shut ‘er down in the 7th Street Entry. Jimmy2Times, Plain Ole Bill, DJ Nikoless, and DJ Espada will spin while we hug our families and catch up on beers.

The Spreading of the Love
A portion of the proceeds from the Blowout will be going directly to People Serving People, a Minneapolis charity benefiting homeless families. We will also be accepting donations of winter-wear at the show, so bring your old coats, because c’mon, you don’t need that many coats.

The Sponsors
All of this would not be possible without the help of some of our favorite organizations. The Onion, the Current, CalSurf, ROBOTlove, the Fifth Element, and Tasty Lighting: we salute you.

That’ll do for now. We’ll fill in some other blanks as the date approaches. In the meantime, breathe easy. Tickets are still available, but who knows for how long. Get yours.

We can’t wait to see you. It’s gonna be fretch.