P.O.S, Sims, and Hand Over Fist (the illustrious collaboration of Mike Mictlan and Lazerbeak) will be performing at SoundSet this year. May 24th, Canterbury Park. Come through. We’re taking attendance. For more info: clique hear.

Meanwhile, Harmony Park will be gearing up for a visit from Del tha Funkyhomosapien. Dessa–marginally less funky, but equally human–will be taking stage right before his set. May 22nd.

Doomtree Labs ®, in other news, is happy to announce that a new, redesigned website is on the horizon. New photos, real-time feeds, and all sorts of sexy nonsense. We may be late-comers to the information age, but we’re cleaning out the buffet table.

P.O.S is gearing up for his marathon summer-he’ll be heading out on a European run and then joining the Warped Tour straight away. The rest of the Doom crew is hoarse from practicing  For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow” in eight-part harmony. The good-bye party is gonna be a rager. To see routing click here.