A quick note from tour…

Posted by Paper Tiger on October 07, 2009

Things are going great here in the UK. The bands we are touring with; King Blues, and Imperial Leisure, are awesome dudes, and the shows have been great.

A few things I have picked up in Europe so far.

1. Water.

In Germany, everyone drinks sparkling water, (Note: they do not know what club soda means). If you ask for still water, they will get very confused and ask something like, “You mean from the sink?” They don’t get it.

2. Mexican Food.

There is no such thing. There just isnt, there really isnt really any hot sauce either, except 1 thing, Ill get to that next…

3. Nando’s

I ate here 2wice, its the best food I have had all trip,. Really good spicy chicken.

Sam hooked this one up, and just in time.

Now a few questions for my friends at Travel Lodge…

1. Why do you not have a telephone in the room? I just really cant make sense of that.

2. Why do I have to pay 10 pounds a day for your shitty internet service. Dude, not cool.

3. Why in the world does the shower have to be either 160 degrees or off?

I dont mean to sound like I am complaining about anything, but Come on!