3 weeks…

Paper TigerNews, Paper Tiger

I just got back from 3 amazing weeks of being on the road. Well, away from home at least.

The first week I was gone I was in Aspen Colorado. I DJ a party for the X-games out there, and it was as much if not more fun than last time. I got to stay in a baller ass hotel room for 6 days, and live like a king.


Then, I flew home for just around 9 and a half hours, then went on a mini tour with P.O.S and Dessa. Played a few shows, had a few laughs, I loved it… but my  jump rope skills need help.


And Grieves and Budo where there too. Sweet dudes all day.

Then I flew from Salt Lake city to New York City for a week or so. Got to hang with my friends out there, all good things.


Love that place. Well, I am home now, and loving it. Back to the grind.