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BOOM!!!  What a week.  The Bad Time Zoo album release party will definitely go down in history as one of my all time favorite nights ever.  The whole crew was back together again, with Stef, Mike, and Paper all flying in for the night.  So good to see those dudes.  Plus the show sold out in advance, which is always a huge stress reliever.  Man they really packed that place in too.  One of the coolest parts of the night for me was seeing everyone performing unreleased material.  Cecil, Dessa, Stef, and Mike all played new songs from their forthcoming solo albums, and every one of those songs sounded so awesome.  Got me really amped up about these upcoming projects.  And then after all of that, Sims absolutely murdered his set.  Like, best set I’ve ever seen him do ever.  I couldn’t have been happier with how the whole night went down.  Thank you so much to everyone who was in that room with us.  And an extra special shout out to my folks, who chose to ring in their 34th wedding anniversary at a sweaty, overly packed rap show.  Love you guys.  You can check out pictures from the night HERE (courtesy of Zoe Prinds-Flash) and HERE (courtesy of Jahna Peloquin) and HERE (courtesy of Ben LaFond).

I’m gonna try to do a quick Bad Time Zoo wrap up and include some other cool interviews/reviews/videos that have come out in the past week, and then we’ll get into a bunch of sweet Bonus Video Jams that I’m pretty excited about.

Cool piece that MPR put together breaking down the song “One Dimensional Man”

Live footage from our in-studio at The Current from last week, complete with Bad Time Zoo Choir

MPLS.TV video from our in-store performance at Fifth Element on release day

A favorable review from HipHopDX

Bang.  OK, for the rest of the post I’d simply like to showcase a bunch of rap songs and videos that I haven’t had the time to talk about yet.  Think of it as an extra long Bonus Video Jam segment, completely R&B free for one week only.  Don’t get too used to that.

Here’s a new video from my guy F. Stokes, off of his EP with The Clubhouse.  Complete with an amazing Richard Pryor cameo.


New video from the young gunner Mike Swoop, off of last year’s New Love album.  This was my favorite track off that record, and it’s great to see it get the visual treatment.

A nice local video from the homie Greg Grease.  Really liking this one.

Continuing on with the hometown love, here are some new visuals from Illuminous 3, shot all over the part of the city where I stay at.  This is awesome, except Franz, you are dead wrong for that Green Day line.  Unforgivable.

And now for some national stuff.  There’s been a ton of talk about this Odd Future crew as of late, and it seems like people either love them to death or can’t stand them.  I’m still a little on the fence, but I do really love this “Yonkers” track from one of the main members of the crew: Tyler, the Creator.  Plus it’s always nice to see youngsters coming up and getting some shine.  I posted last week’s performance on Jimmy Fallon below too, since it is one of the awesomest television debuts ever.  WOLF GANG!


New track from Pusha T, supposedly off his soon to be dropped mixtape Fear Of God.  This guy keeps getting better and better, and he seems extra hungry since Kanye signed him.  Really looking forward to the solo album.


Speaking of Kanye, I’ll close this week’s post out with the new video to my favorite song of 2010.

Well there you have it, a very special extended Bonus Video Jams presentation.  Hope you have a great week.  Thanks again for all of the BTZ support.  See you next Tuesday!

— Beak