The careful historians among you may know better, but it is my honest belief that this is the first guest blog to be featured on the Doomtree site. Aby Wolf, my partner in crime, is joining the Into The Spin tour tonight to play this evening’s San Francisco show (at Bottom of the Hill) and tomorrow’s gig in LA (at The Roxy). McNally Smith College of music made her trip possible–making both shows the better for it. Here’s what Aby has to say about the ‘venture:


McNally Smith will be flying me out to the west coast to join Dessa’s Into the Spin Tour with Sims and Lazerbeak for two shows.  ( !!!! )  My visit to California will be brief:  I’ll be singing back-up with Dessa in San Francisco on Thursday May 5th, in L.A. on Friday the 6th, and back in Minneapolis by Saturday the 7th.  Bam bam bam!

I’m so excited for this opportunity (please reference exclamation points above).  I have only been on tour once in my career, and it was a life-changing experience.  I sang in Omaur Bliss’s band a few years ago, and the six of us went on an epically sparse, ten-day, two-car tour/cation, playing a total of three shows in Atlanta, GA, Austin, TX, and Omaha, NE (mapping out a huge irregular polygon in the middle of the United States).  Playing music that I had grown to know very well in cities and venues that I didn’t know at all for people I’ll probably never see again was an incredibly liberating experience.  But my favorite part of the tour was getting to spend hours of idle time in the car with my band buds, sharing ordinary daily life in the confines of the tour vehicle and deepening our relationships.  I’m stoked to join Team Dessa and Doomtree buds on the west coast, even for two days.  Sign me up.  (Thanks Dessa, Thanks McNally Smith.)

I do still have to cover a shift at Origami Restaurant so I can return to my bill-paying job when I get back.  A serving job doesn’t usually come with many benefits, but it does typically afford the flexibility to bolt with a few days’ notice that not many other jobs allow.  Not a bad gig.

CRAM ME INTO THE TOUR VAN.  I can’t wait to sit next to Lazerbeak and peep the L.A.ndscape.  And get some sun on these pale wintered-arms.