Monday Blowout Slideshow

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Mike Mictlan’s Million Rapper Monster Mash Marathon.  You had to see it to believe it.  Enormous shouts to (here we go): Espada, Big Zach, Ice Rod, Longshot, F. Stokes, Audio Perm, Big Quarters, Prof, Kill the Vultures, Toki Wright, TUSS, Ill 3, I Self Devine, Slapping Purses, La Manchita, Spyder Baybie + Muck, Young Baby, and DJ Fundo.  Everybody crushed.  Such a beautiful showcase of all the incredible music and people that are coming out of the Twin Cities right now.  No Kings.

Once again, we’ve got some awesome pictures by Team Photo (Zoe Prinds-Flash and Ben LaFond) with a few assists from Jonny Hoffner.  And Gimme Noise did another excellent job of recapping the night.  Check out their story right HERE.  Dessa, you got next.