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I gotta start this thing off with one quick final sales push.  It is officially the last week to get your limited edition Paper Tiger pre-order on.  All orders placed by this Saturday will receive the autographed Summer EP and bonus 15 track Beat Tape album shipped out on August 8th, nearly a full week before release date.  If you have yet to order let me just say this: “Do it now!”  As executive producer of both projects, I can personally guarantee you will not be disappointed.  Check out the webstore right HERE to cop both discs for only $9.99.  Thanks again to everyone who has already ordered.  You rule and we truly appreciate your support.  

In other Doomtree news, the crew is headed out to Chicago this Saturday to perform at Lollapalooza.  The festival is already all the way sold out, but there are still a handful of tickets to the official after show that we’re headlining later that night at the Empty Bottle.  Naledge from Kidz In The Hall is opening, it should be a blast.  You can still grab tickets right HERE.  Come kick it and crush summer brews with us.

Switching gears a little bit, it is my great pleasure to announce the details of the new musical project I’ve been working on this summer with Crescent Moon of Kill The Vultures and Joe Horton of No Bird Sing.  If you don’t know who either of those groups are I suggest you do a little Google searching not now but right now.  We’re called Mixed Blood Majority.  Cres and Joe on the raps, Beak on the beats.  We just started tracking our full length-ish album yesterday with Adam Krinsky in the basement of some undisclosed downtown St. Paul government building.  Seriously, it’s on some Men In Black 4 steez.  Here’s the mandatory studio shots as proof that this thing is actually happening.

I’m super pumped about this project.  Cres and I have been talking about making an album together for years now, and I’m thrilled we’re finally making it happen.  No new music to share with you quite yet, but the goal is to wrap this whole thing up in the next couple months, so we should have some stuff to play for you sooner than later.  In the meantime, check out this super official shot of the loading dock at the studio.  Men In Black 4 for real!!!!  Guess which one of these guys is playing the Josh Brolin of the future.

Mixed Blood Majority.  Tons more details coming real soon.

And finally, the self titled Doomtree crew album officially turned four years old last Sunday.  So crazy.  It’s weird because in a way it feels like this record came out yesterday and also a decade ago.  I guess you could say time has been flying and standing still at the same damn time.  I’ve got some seriously fond memories of the years we spent putting this whole thing together.  Way too many to mention in this Bonus Jam territory, so I guess I’ll just save it for the inevitable TWL memoirs later down the line.  For now I’ll leave you with a few Bonus Jams of some sleeper hits off the record that we never play live anymore.  I hadn’t heard these songs in about exactly four years, haha.  Not mad at them at all.  

Alright, that about does it for this week’s post.  Hopefully we’ll see a bunch of you down in the Chi this weekend.  Otherwise next Tuesday for sure.  I hope you all have a truly wonderful week.  Remember not to sleep on that Paper Tiger pre-order.

— Beak