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Welcome back to another round of Tuesdays With Lazerbeak. The big news just keeps on rolling out this week. Yesterday we officially announced the details of our creative collaboration with Surly Brewing Co. We’re making a Surly Doomtree beer!!! And it’s called Surly Doomtree. BAM! That’s the new hybrid logo below.

surly doomtree logo for web

SO PUMPED. We’ve been hanging out with the Surly guys a bunch over the summer and realized how similar our approach to doing what we do is. Plus we all thoroughly enjoy drinking beer. WIN/WIN. Could not be more excited about this. Here’s a picture of us getting the full brewery tour a few weeks back. Safety goggles and all.


The exact style and details of the beer are still currently under lock and key, but I can very confidently say that Todd Haug (head brewer over at Surly) is whipping up something totally nutz and awesome. It’ll be available in draft form for the first time ever throughout Blowout week at all the different venues we’re playing at. Plus on Sunday, 12/7, it’s Surly Doomtree Day!!! We’re curating a creative bar crawl with the Surly dudes that should wrap all over the Twin Cities. More details and locations to be announced in the coming weeks, but for now just plan on a serious celebration of drinking and hanging with the entire crew. Great way to ease into Blowout Week insanity.

12:7 SURLY 10AM

Oh and speaking of Todd Haug real quick, that man is also one of the most shreddingest guitar shredders in all of the land. Here’s a picture of him at Darkness Day on stage with his sweet metal band, Vulgaari, playing what appears to be an eight-string guitar. THE BEST. Stay tuned for tons more details on this whole Surly Doomtree collaboration. It’s all gonna rule so hard.

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 9.19.40 AM

OK, now for a quick update on Doomtree-related shows. Our main focus is on the Last Blowout Ever, but there’s a couple other events going on in the next month or two as well. I’ll be playing a rare show with Mixed Blood Majority on November 21st, opening up for the legendary Slick Rick (THE RULER) at Amsterdam Bar in St. Paul. Grab your tickets HERE.


P.O.S is gonna be doing a one-off show in Denver on December 18th at the Bluebird! I don’t have a current version of the flyer, but here’s a throwback picture of Stef and Mike at the airport in a heated discussion about Instagram photo credits as a placeholder for now. Ticket info and more details on the show right HERE.

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 9.38.21 AM

And just announced: Dessa will be headlining the Crystal Ball New Year’s Eve party at International Market Square in Minneapolis this year! Should be totally insane. Grab your tickets right HERE.


Other than that it’s All Blowout Everything these days, as we’re less than four weeks out at this point! AMPED. And I know people are getting antsy about the new crew album details. We’re getting there, trust me. It takes lots of time to set up a new release properly after the final audio is mastered, especially when you’re doing everything on your own. We’re hard at work getting all the right pieces together to make this our biggest record yet. Tons more details coming within the next month, I promise. In the meantime, the vinyl test presses have been approved and sound AWESOME. Here’s a little teaser pic to let you know that everything is still on course. Can’t wait to share more info with you.

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 9.59.06 AM

OK, that about does it. No Bonus Jams this week since I’ve pretty much just been listening to Majid Jordan nonstop since the last time I wrote about them. Here’s a quick Bonus Penny Pic though before I take off. She got into quite a bit of trouble this weekend, leading to a strict and swift Sharpie ban at the Mader household. Our walls, bed, and dresser definitely got a modern makeover in addition to her clothes, face, and hands. I’d like to believe this all started with Penny attempting to draw a No Kings logo over that crown on her sweatshirt. We’ll just go with that explanation for now.

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 10.08.56 AM

Alright, I hope you all have a wonderful week. Stay warm and get pumped about this Surly Doomtree beer. See you next Tuesday for sure!

— Beak

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