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Welcome back to an incredibly gigantic edition of Tuesdays With Lazerbeak! Sims is packing his bags as we speak and gearing up for the long haul overseas to rock his first headlining European tour. The international leg of the More Than Ever Tour kicks off on April 1st in London and will continue on throughout Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic before wrapping up in Berlin on April 13th. Check out the full list of cities and dates below and make sure you grab your tickets right HERE if Sims is headed through your neck of the woods.

You can also catch up on everything Sims has been up to this year by checking out the excellent and thorough Back To The City podcast below. There’s even an unreleased song debuted in there. Check it all out below.

Stef has been taking a little breather after wrapping up Leg 2 of the Chill, dummy Tour a few weeks back. TPT’s excellent Lowertown Line series captured an intimate hometown performance awhile back and shadowed Stef for a few days to catch up on everything he’s been up to. Check out the entire 30-minute episode below. He’ll be heading out an a mini-Midwest tour this weekend hitting up LaCrosse (4/1), Sioux Falls (4/2), Mankato (4/3), and Pontiac (4/4). Get all the details right HERE.

Dessa is hard at work putting the finishing touches on her two-night stand with the Minnesota Orchestra on April 14th and 15th. In anticipation for the legendary collaboration she’ll also be bringing her orchestra buds to the MN Twins’ big Opening Day on April 3rd against the Kansas City Royals to perform the national anthem. SO. AWESOME. Check out all the details below. This much closer to my dream of one day throwing out the first pitch.

And here’s the flyer for the big doubleheader show. Both of these shows are currently super SOOOOOOLD OUT, but the box office did mention that it’s still worth calling in the week-of to see if anything has opened up.

And don’t forget to read Dessa’s recently published essay in the NEW YORK TIMES MAGAZINE (!!!) about her recent excursion to New Orleans right HERE. I’m headed down there this Saturday for a long overdue getaway with The Wifepiece, so this was perfect timing. Can’t wait!

Paper Tiger has been absolutely killing the game lately. HBO just debuted a new documentary from Dwayne “THE ROCK” Johnson called Rock And A Hard Place, and Paper has contributed an absolute ton of music to the score (both custom and previously released material). Check out the details below. Man I love seeing his name on a real deal movie poster. Make sure to check out HBO’s schedule for repeat showings. BIG TIME.

And in case you missed it, check out Paper’s latest EP in his ongoing In Other Words production series below. Part Three is definitely one of my favorites.

Paper Tiger – In Other Words: Part Three

Since we’re on the music kick, let’s dive into some awesome new Bonus Jams. Speaking of ongoing music series (SEGUE!!!), Kendrick Lamar came out of nowhere last week with an absolute heater of a track. “The Heart Part IV” goes in extremely hard over about three different beats throughout one song. Highly recommended. April 7th can’t come soon enough.

Kendrick Lamar – “The Heart (Part IV)”

D.C.’s very own GoldLink dropped a new album last Friday that I can’t wait to check out more of. He’s been on the rise for a minute now and it seems like this At What Cost album is gonna take him over the edge. Definitely feeling this “Pray Everyday” song. Excited to spend some more time with the full album.

GoldLink – “Pray Everyday (Survivor’s Guilt)”

I could not be more amped about the debut full-length from Kelly Lee Owens that also came out last week. This is some of the coolest stuff I’ve heard on my continual rabbit hole journey of house music both new and old. Check out “S.O” below.

Kelly Lee Owens – “S.O”

Our good friend Craig Finn released his third solo album last week and it is by far the best one yet. Sooooooo good. Make sure you pick up a copy of We All Want The Same Things right HERE and then check out the recent video for “Tracking Shots” below. Shouts to Craig for rocking a Surly Doomtree beanie throughout the vid. Great product placement.

Craig Finn – “Tracking Shots”

Producer-extraordinaire Psymun just announced a new EP coming soon on Ghostly International and dropped the lead single at the SAME. DAMN. TIME. Check out the epic five-minute track below and get amped for the new material. Always a fan of anything this guy does.

Psymun – “I Need My Boy”

Psymun’s cohort Bobby Raps just released the second single from his impending Mark project and this one goes suuuuuuuuuper hard. Shouts to Lil Bae!

Bobby Raps (feat. Lil Bae) – “Had 2”

Drelli just put out a hilarious new video for his “Chiquita” single. This one mixes Nintendo 64 and tennis dances to great effect. Very excited to hear more music from this guy.

Drelli – “Chiquita”

I’ll close things out with a new music video from our dude Dwynell Roland. Check out the Last Word-produced “EVA CHANGE” below and definitely check out that whole Popular Nobody EP right HERE if you’ve been sleeping.

Dwynell Roland – “EVA CHANGE” (prod. Last Word)

BAM! That does it for Bonus Jams. I barely had a chance to snap any Bonus Baby Pics this week, as all three of my children have pretty much been all the way turnt up and running nonstop in this new bouncy castle that has taken over our house. Here’s a brief glimpse of the extreme joy and ongoing mass chaos of the past week. Unreal.

OK! I hope you all have an extremely wonderful week enjoying this very welcomed Spring weather. I’ll be taking the week off in New Orleans next week while the Wifepiece and I attempt to eat all the foods and drink all the drinks, but I’ll meet you back here in a couple of Tuesdays for sure with a big time recap. See you soon!

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