False Hopes

False Hopes

In case you didn’t know:

False Hopes is a CD series put out by the Doomtree Corporation.

False Hopeses are records that we release to provide new music to our fans and family while we work on “real” albums, soldier through a variety of predictable misadventures, recover those albums from water-logged computer equipment, decide we are in a different place artistically, and start again from scratch.

They’re sort of like mixtapes, but we gave them a proper name to avoid getting them confused with all of the actual mixtapes we make for crushes, younger siblings, lovable nerds, and strength training.

This is the eleventh (or twelfth) False Hopes. It is also the first to feature the entire Doomtree crew.* It is comprised of outtakes and broken bits. And a collaborative remix. And a hearty thumbs up.

This is NOT the official Doomtree crew album. That is a whole ‘nother beast, my friend.
If you’ve purchased this disc before the crew album drops, consider it an appetizer.
If you purchased it afterwards, consider it a novel companion piece.
If you purchased it thinking it was the crew album, then frankly I don’t know what to tell you other than:
Thank you for your interest and your patience.
Your continued support is what gets us out of bed in the afternoon.

Ted Romeo, CEO Doomtree Recording Corporation.

Now you know.

*Not technically true, but we defy you to find one of the old ones.


Executively produced by MK Larada & Lazerbeak
Designed by MK Larada
Mastered by Joe Mabbott at the Hideaway, Twin Cities