Super Producer

Lazerbeak is a thug. Do not be deceived by the nice-guy introductions backstage. Beak is responsible for some of the hardest lavabangers in hip hop, period. Catchy, rib-crushing, filthy.

In his basement workshop, Beak works mostly with a MPC2000XL. He layers propulsive, hard-hitting drums with driving guitar and keyboard melodies. He paces after the addition of each element, ducking to avoid the overhead pipes, playing air drums, and calculating his next layer.

Beak’s sequencing is a large part of his sound. “After you’ve got the main structure, to make it a real song, you have to take it all part again. It’s like a battle with the beat, every time.” And Beak always wins. When it’s over, the effect is some helicopter-at-the-omnitheater shit. He’ll take a beat down to its most essential elements before letting it off the leash to explode into anthemic proportions.

Lazerbeak got involved with the Doomtree crew through his high school friendship with Stef (P.O.S). But by then he’d already been playing music for years. Since 8th grade he played with The Plastic Constellations, the indie rock group that would go on to tour the country, signed to French Kiss Records. Stef, having heard Lazerbeak’s music with TPC, encouraged him to start making beats. Beak got a loan from his folks to buy his first MPC from Guitar Center. Stef came over in the afternoon to show him the ropes. No looking back.

To date, Lazerbeak has produced over 400 beats. His production appears on almost every Doomtree release, including all three of P.O.S’ solo albums. He’s now completing the production for the upcoming Sims solo release and working on a solo endeavor of his own.

Most recently, Doomtree released Lazerbeak’s collaboration with Mike Mictlan. The two schemed for years to write and record the disc. For much of that time Mike was living in L.A. Lazerbeak sent Mike beat CDs in the mail. Mike rapped his verses to Lazerbeak over the phone. Big dreams, big phone bills. Now the fruit of their labor is available in all its glory as Hand Over Fist. Legend Recognize Legend.


Hand Over Fist (with Mike Mictlan)

Legend Recognize Legend

Bad Time Zoo (with Sims)


Lazerbeak's Blog

Tuesdays With Lazerbeak

Posted on July 02, 2013

Welcome back to Tuesdays With Lazerbeak! Parts of Speech (the album) has officially been out for one whole week, and now it’s time for Dessa and the band to hit the open road on the Parts of Speech Tour. For this first leg, they’ll be locking down the left side of the country pretty hard. Check out all the dates below, and click HERE for ticket info and more details.

PS tour - web flyer

Last week was pretty hectic with everything surrounding release week, so I figured I’d rundown the quick highlight reel in case you got overwhelmed with the amount of info flooding in. On Monday The Current filmed a special event at MPR’s UBS Forum called Dessa Deconstructed, in which they interviewed her and the entire band about the behind the scenes Parts of Speech songwriting process and how the whole album came together from start to finish. I even popped in for a few minutes to break down a beat on the MPC with help of the state of the art Beak Cam. If you’ve got an hour or so of free time this is definitely worth checking out. It’s as close to Behind The Music as we may ever get.

YouTube Preview Image

Saturday night was the big sold out release show at First Avenue, and man was it awesome. Click HERE to read a great recap of the show from Gimme Noise, and then go HERE for’s excellent picture gallery. Oh, and if you’d like a brief glimpse into the highlight of my musical career thus far, simply click HERE . I promise you, the bass will only get higher from here on out.

Screen shot 2013-07-02 at 9.40.03 AM

Now for a quick rundown of some of the bigger interviews and articles that came out last week.

- Star Tribune interview

- Doomtree grills Dessa

- City Pages Interview

- URB interview

And to wrap all this Dessa coverage up, here’s the “Call Off Your Ghost” COMMITTEE remix one more time, produced by Ryan Olson and yours truly. Camry Guyz 4 Lyfe.


Alright, now that we’ve plowed through the highlights, let’s get into some serious Album Bonus Jams. This new El-P and Killer Mike project, Run The Jewels, has been pretty much blowing my mind since it came out last week. At this point it’s gonna be real tough to bump this out of album of the year contention. I was into both of their previous solo albums too, but this new one completely destroys everything up to this point. I kind of just want these guys to be a rap duo from here on out. Check out a few select tracks below, and download the whole album for FREE.99 right HERE. It’s seriously the best/you will love it/I really can’t recommend it enough.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

I’ll leave you with one quick Penny Bonus Pic. We’ve been getting a ton of outdoor time in this past week with the beautiful weather/new deck/kiddie pool triple threat going on in the backyard. Penny might possibly love splashing in the water more than anything else in this world (including string cheese and popsicles). Here she is demonstrating her cool new Shark Attack look (patent pending) and drying off from the pool at the SAME DAMN TIME. Genius.

shark penny

OK, that about does it for this post. I hope everybody has a wonderful 4th of July weekend. If you live in the Twin Cities, I’ll definitely see you at the Twins/Yankees game tomorrow night (7/3), where our very own P.O.S will be performing before the game and in between innings with his backing band of Music Rockers (tickets and info right HERE). Haha, you really can’t make this stuff up. It will definitely be a night to remember.

– Beak

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Tuesdays With Lazerbeak

Posted on June 25, 2013

Welcome back to a very special Tuesdays With Lazerbeak. Hard to believe, but the day is finally here. It gives me the utmost joy to announce that Dessa’s new album Parts of Speech has officially been launched out into the world!!! Check out this sweet promo video of the real deal Parts of Speech CD/LP physical packaging and listen to new track “Skeleton Key” at the SAME DAMN TIME (produced by yours truly). You can also grab the digital version of the album from iTunes (HERE), Bandcamp (HERE), or Amazon (HERE) if you’re more into wave of the future digital realms.

YouTube Preview Image

So excited that we’ve made it to this point. To celebrate, Dessa and her band are running all over the great state of Minnesota today to knock out three separate record store signings and performances. Things kicked off last night with a midnight listening party at Fifth Element, and continue today at all three Electric Fetus locations (Duluth at noon, St. Cloud at 5:00, and Minneapolis at 8:00). Check out the flyer below for details.

Dessa MN Tour - web flyer

Due to such high demand in the Twin Cities, admittance will only be guaranteed to the Minneapolis Fetus in-store by pre-ordering the CD or LP directly from them (link HERE, details HERE).Those that do pre-order will receive a bonus gift and first dibs on seating at the in-store. There will also be a second line open to the general public that will be let in on a first come first serve basis once all pre-orderers have been admitted. There are only 250 spots total though, so you might not want to risk it. Pre-order an album from the Electric Fetus right HERE.

Since it’s release day and all, we’ve got some new pretty cool new Parts of Speech related merch items over at the webstore, including a glow in the dark tee and a FLASK! Plus some extremely awesome new Sims shirts from the Show of the Summer with Astronautalis last week. Check out all the designs below and click HERE to head over to the webstore for more details and ordering info.

Screen shot 2013-06-24 at 10.41.31 PM

Screen shot 2013-06-24 at 10.42.30 PM

Screen shot 2013-06-24 at 10.42.51 PM

Screen shot 2013-06-24 at 10.43.06 PM

Screen shot 2013-06-24 at 10.43.49 PM

Screen shot 2013-06-24 at 10.42.00 PM
Screen shot 2013-06-24 at 10.43.27 PM

Oh man, and speaking of that awesome Sims & Astronautalis show: The eternal young gunner Chris Hadland just put together a really great recap video with a bunch of footage from that amazing sold out night. If you were at First Ave for the show then you know exactly what I’m talking about, and if you missed it now you can get a sense of how truly sweet (and PACKED) it was. Check this out!

YouTube Preview Image

Best night!

I’ve got a pretty sweet Bonus Jam this week courtesy of COMMITTEE, the new production team/alliance/sports team from Ryan Olson (Gayngs, Polica, Marijuana Deathsquads) and myself. We’ve been getting together every Tuesday night for close to a year now to work on some more R&B leaning material, and yesterday we released our first public track under this new COMMITTEE monicker. Fittingly enough, it’s a remix of Dessa’s latest single “Call Off Your Ghost” (do I tie it all together or what?). Check out the SoundCloud player below to hear a bit of what we’re working with and click HERE to read the write up from Prefix. I’m super excited about this new project and all the production that we’ve been knocking out lately. Hope you like it. Definitely more to come sooner than later.


OK, that about does it for this week. I’ve got a cool three part Bonus Penny Pic to wrap things up with. In addition to learning how to say the word “Uh-ooooohhhhh” this week, Penny has also recently mastered the fine art of pushing pop-up toy animal heads down in convincing fashion (is there a specific name for these toy?). I’ve attempted to document her meticulous three step process below.

Stage 1: Unassuming Self-Confidence

penny toy 1

 Stage 2: Lightning-Fast Reflexes

penny toy 2

 Stage 3: Diva Pose

penny toy 3

What a show off!

OK, that about does it for this week’s action packed post. I hope you all have a wonderful week. Happy Parts of Speech Day! Huge shouts and congratulations to Dessa for making it to this day in one piece. Help us spread the word about the album if you can. See you next Tuesday!

– Beak

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Tuesdays With Lazerbeak

Posted on June 18, 2013

Welcome back to another Tuesdays With Lazerbeak. Big news day: Our very own Paper Tiger just released Fearless Beauty, his collaborative album with the ultimate homie F. Stokes (Papes on the beats, Stokes on the raps), and it totally rules!


Papes has been on something of a production terror lately, between his excellent contributions to Dessa’s Parts of Speech (Warsaw/Call Off Your Ghost/The Lamb) and now this new Stokes project. Check out a couple of the Fearless Beauty tracks below, and grab the album from iTunes right HERE if you’re feeling them. Huge congrats to both of these dudes, this record is great.


Speaking of Parts of Speech, we’re only ONE WEEK AWAY until that album finally drops!!! The pre-order closed over the weekend and we were seriously overwhelmed by the tremendous amount of support everybody showed. It was our biggest pre-order to date! For those of you that did pre-order the album, check your email for instructions on how to access the private Ustream with Dessa and special guests tomorrow night (Wed 6/19 – 8:30CST). Should be one for the ages. If you’re not really feeling physical product these days, and are more of wave of the future internet warryior, you can now also digitally pre-order the album through iTunes (HERE) and Bandcamp (HERE). And if you’re anywhere up in these parts of the world, don’t forget about the release day MN Record Store Tour that Dessa and her band will be embarking on next Tuesday. Four stops in 24 hours. Check out all the details below.

Dessa MN Tour - web flyer

Oooh, and speaking of mini tours (segue game is back on track this week), Stef just recently announced a string of P.O.S shows this summer! His daily dialysis has been working well and the doctors have cleared him to play some one-offs while he waits for a new kidney. He’ll be in Denver this Saturday and L.A. next week. Click the flyer below for ticket info and more details.


Last Friday was the big Sims/Astronautalis/Mixed Blood Majority/Greg Grease Show of the Summer at First Ave, and it did not disappoint. Over 1500 people came out! Such a great night. Just wanted to say thanks a ton to everyone that came down. It was an amazing evening, and it felt great seeing so many artists from different crews and cliques hanging out together and rocking the same stage. Shouts to Greg Grease, Akrite, I.B.E., Just Nine, Meta, Mally, Mike Mictlan, Kristoff Krane, P.O.S, Crescent Moon, Joe Horton, Sims, Astronautalis, The Band (Oscar, Mo Bluntz, Dustin Kiel), and the always incredible staff at First Ave. That was the best. You can read a great recap of the night from Gimme Noise right HERE, and hopefully we’ll have some video from the show to post next week. Here’s the one picture I got from up on stage at the end of the night. SO AWESOME.

Screen shot 2013-06-18 at 9.28.59 AM

Oh, and speaking of great local shows, I recently got to do an interview with MPLSzine about the Foxfire Coffee Lounge, a local all ages coffee shop/music venue in downtown Minneapolis back in the late 90′s that kind of gave me/tons of other people our first shot in music. It was only around for a year or so, but it fostered some pretty amazing bands. If you’ve got 10 minutes of free time definitely check out the story, if even just for the hilarious pictures of TPC! back in high school. Click the cover below to jump right to it in the online magazine (or click right HERE if you’re more of a link clicking person). So many memories, this piece took me way back. Hard to believe sometimes that I’ve been playing live music for longer than I haven’t been at this point in my life. Old man or legend in the game? One of the two, that’s for sure.

Screen shot 2013-06-18 at 9.42.40 AM

I’ll wind this post down with a couple Random Bonus Jams that I’ve been feeling as of late. First up is Volcano Choir. They’ve got a new record dropping in September, and this track reminds me of all the sweet post-rock guitar bands I used to listen to constantly back in high school. Love this.

YouTube Preview Image

This next song is by Danish duo Quadron, off their new album Avalanche. It’s got the producer dude from Rhye in it, and I like this album waaaaaaaay more than that Rhye album. He nailed the sound with this one, and the girl’s voice is awesome.

YouTube Preview Image

Lastly, here’s an oldie but goodie that I was reminded of listening to KMOJ last week. I used to love this Babyface album For The Cool In You. Probably not for everybody, especially if you weren’t into it back when it came out, but “Rock Bottom” still sounds amazing to me. That chorus is out of control.

YouTube Preview Image

BAM. There you have it. I’ll leave you with a few Bonus Penny Pics to tide over the out of town family members. As you probably saw from Dessa’s last post, Penny has been hard at work helping us unwrap and sign all of the pre-order discs. Here she is demonstrating her front teeth technique.

The new guy.

And here she is enjoying her new favorite thing in the world: bonnets. Just kidding, it’s swings. Pretty great.

penny swing

 And now for possibly my favorite Penny pic of all time (courtesy of my mom). Here she is playing in the kids zone at Southdale Mall, screaming like a hyena and flapping her arms in excitement. I have a feeling we may be spending quite a bit of time in malls over the next 17 years or so. Pray for me.

penny southdale

 OK, that about does it for this post. I hope you all have a wonderful week enjoying the (hopefully) exciting conclusion of the NBA Finals. I’ll see some of you tomorrow night for that private pre-order Ustream. Otherwise next Tuesday for sure as we officially launch Parts of Speech out into the world. CAN’T. WAIT.

– Beak

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Tuesdays With Lazerbeak

Posted on June 11, 2013

Hey! Welcome back to another Tuesdays With Lazerbeak. Things are ramping up again over here, so I’m just gonna jump right into it. Yesterday ELLE Magazine world premiered Dessa’s brand new video for “Call Off Your Ghost,” directed by Daniel Cummings for Picture Machine Productions. Read what ELLE had to say about it right HERE, and check out the “Call Off Your Ghost” music video below:

YouTube Preview Image

Awesome. As if that wasn’t enough Dessa vizualz for one week’s post, she also just dropped off this brand new episode of Direct Flight, her very own fake interview show about artistic process. This week she talks to bandmates Joey Van Phillips (drumz) and Dustin Kiel (guitarz/keyz) about a myriad of topics, including (but not limited to): why jazz dudes say the word “hang” so much, and whether it’s appropriate for guitar dudes to refer to their instrument as an “axe.” Shouts to Young Baby Ander Other for another fine filming/editing job. Check out Episode 3 of Direct Flight below:

YouTube Preview Image

In final Dessa news, this week marks your last chance to get in on the super awesome Parts of Speech pre-order, meaning this is also the very last time you have to hear me give this sales pitch (trust me, I’m excited about that too). First of all, I want to thank every single one of you who have already placed orders. Your support has been tremendous, and we appreciate you tenfold. Feel free to skip to the next section of the blog now. For anybody left who might still be on the fence, here’s the deal in a nutshell: Doomtree is a super indie label with shoestring budgets. Pre-orders are a way for us to see the most direct money from album sales right away, so that we can handle the substantial upfront expenses of putting out a record (manufacturing/publicity/videos/radio/etc), plus continue to fund future projects that are currently in the works (production/recording/mixing/mastering/etc). In return, we try to make it worth your while by offering tons of exclusive and bonus items with your purchase. Here’s what we’re dealing with for the Parts of Speech pre-order:

Every pre-order (standard and deluxe) will receive a copy of the album personally signed by Dessa. Here’s the proof:

dessa signing

In addition, you will also receive immediate download of first single “Warsaw,” album B-side “Icing Burns” (this will be emailed out at the end of next week), and access to a private Ustream with Dessa and special guests on the evening of June 19th.


The deluxe Parts of Speech pre-order includes all of the above, plus limited edition bonus album packaging (CD comes with crazy foiling and O-card wrap, LP comes with red opaque vinyl), an exclusive Parts of Speech t-shirt designed and available only with this pre-order, and a copy of the Dessa penned tiny book/short story “Are You Handsome?” (only 2,500 ever made).  They are seriously tiny. Check it out:

dessa book

BAM. There’s the pitch. The pre-order officially ends this Saturday (end of day). If you’re interested, you can check out the Doomtree Webstore right HERE to pick up a copy. Thank you all for putting up with these last few months of pre-order posts (I sort of feel like I work at a public radio station at this point). Anyways, like I said earlier, your support is truly appreciated. We couldn’t do this without you, no lie (no lie, no liyeeeeiiiiyeeeeiiii). Now for some sweet news on what I have deemed The Show of the Summer:


THIS FRIDAY Sims and Astronautalis will be performing a very special one-off collaborative set at First Avenue in Minneapolis, backed by a one-time only crushing live band (I’m playing in said live band, it’s gonna rule). Greg Grease and Mixed Blood Majority will be warming things up, making this ONE OF THE MOST STACKED LOCAL BILLS OF ALL TIME. There, I said it. If you live anywhere remotely close to the Twin Cities, you should be at this show. Ticket and more info are available right HERE. In the meantime, check out the new Sims and Astronautalis collabo track “This Is The Place” (produced by Cecil Otter) and get seriously amped!


Aaaaaaaand now for this weeks Bonus Jam. I’m gonna focus on a recent new release that may end up giving Daft Punk a run for their money when it comes down to my album of the year pick. The Dream just dropped IV Play a few weeks back, and it is the only thing I have been able to listen to since. While it’s hard to say if anything he ever does will be able to top his insanely good sophomore album Love Vs. Money, this one comes pretty damn close, and ups the ante substantially from his last few competent but unmemorable full lengths. A bit of a warning though: The explicit lyrics tag is definitely on this album for a reason, so you gotta be prepared to tolerate a pretty high level of R&B subject matter from the jump if you really want to get into the music. I’ve included a couple of the tamer tracks below, since TWL is for the children. I love this record, and its knock factor is 1000% Camry approved.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

I’ll leave you with a few Bonus Penny Pics for good measure. We’ve had a couple “breakthroughs” happen in the past week. Yesterday she walked up her very first flight of stairs, in pursuit of that almighty and elusive nightlight. Such a motivating force in a young child’s life.

penny stairs

 And recently the hair on the back of Penny’s head has started growing straight up in the air. It’s almost as if she’s auditioning for the eighth member of Doomtree role or something.

penny hair

 Here is the proof that she still loves to eat food and make crazy faces AT THE SAME DAMN TIME. Strawberries are her favorite.

penny eating

Alright, that about does it for this post. I hope you all have a great week. Wishing all good dads worldwide a very happy early Father’s Day. I hope that when Sunday comes you put on your best pair of Dad Shorts, crush a “frew brews,” and revel in the splendor that is this Dad Lyfe. And if you feel like doing a little recreational light reading on top of all of that, check out this essay Dessa recently wrote about her own dad  for this month’s Minnesota Monthly (HERE). See you next Tuesday!

– Beak

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Tuesdays With Lazerbeak

Posted on June 04, 2013

Hey! Welcome back to another Tuesdays With Lazerbeak. It’s a pretty slow news day this week compared to the last month or so of nonstop action. Calm before the storm I guess. No amount of trying is going to work this time when it comes to crafting the seamless blogging segues I’ve become so well known for, so I’m conceding my epic segue posting streak right off the bat. Hopefully those of you with shorter attention spans will appreciate this newfound direction. Here goes nothing:

Last night Dessa came over to get a head start on signing the Parts of Speech vinyl. Here she is demonstrating the three classic stages of pre-order signing: calm diligence, total insanity, and jazz hands.

dessa signing

All the physical goods are slowly starting to show up from the manufacturers, and things look really awesome. Check out the Dessa penned “Are You Handsome?” mini books that come with the deluxe edition orders.

dessa book

So cool. The physical Parts of Speech pre-order ends next Saturday (6/15). If you haven’t had a chance yet, click HERE to check out all the different options. The special deluxe limited opaque red vinyl is almost goooooooone, so definitely act fast if that’s something you’re into.

Screen shot 2013-06-04 at 8.35.58 AM

We got to play a pretty amazing show last weekend opening up for MORRIS DAY AND THE TIME (!!!!) at the Minnesota Institute of Arts’ Summer Gala (check out a cool write up of the whole event right HERE). That bucket of mini champagne shown above was waiting for us in the green room. The eternal “Mo-et vs. Mo-ayyy” pronunciation debate rages on.

morris cecil

Not a shocker, but Morris and the entire band completely destroyed. In all honesty it was one of my favorite live performances ever, partly due to the fact that there was a dancing lady train on stage for roughly half of the concert, followed by an encore where our very own Cecil Otter got into the mix. Shouts to Plain Ole Bill for snapping this incredible picture of Cecil at his all time happiest (where’s Waldo indeed). And huge shouts to the MIA for having us.


Speaking of unforgettable concerts, don’t forget that next Friday, June 14th is the show of the summer here in Minneapolis. Sims and Astronautalis will be performing a one-time only joint set on stage together with a newly formed one-off live band (pssst, I’m in that band, it’s gonna be sweet). Not to mention Greg Grease and Mixed Blood Majority will be kicking things off with a BANG. I love this completely stacked local lineup. Reminds me of the time that TPC! co-headlined First Ave with Tapes ‘N Tapes, and STNNNG and Kill The Vultures opened up. One of my favorite memories ever. Here’s the new Sims and Astronautalis song “This Is The Place,” being debuted live for the first time ever at this show. You can purchase the song from iTunes HERE, and grab tickets and tons more info about the concert right HERE.


While we’re on the subject, here’s the new Mixed Blood Majority video for “Story To Tell” that dropped last week, featuring the one and only Toki Wright.

YouTube Preview Image

Aaaaaaand here’s the title track from the brand new Greg Grease Black King Cole EP. I just copped this yesterday and it is extremely great. Get it from iTunes HERE, and make sure to check out “Spectacular” featuring our very own Mike Mictlan.


Speaking of new EPs (killer segue, I still got it), Marijuana Deathsquads just dropped two of them for free last week to commemorate the end of their month long Music Rocks residency/ring in the start of their summer tour. Click the album cover below to download the Music Rocks I & II EPs for FREE.99. Stef, Cecil, and I all contributed to these recordings, in addition to the usual cast of characters, and they definitely slay.


Check out the MDS tour dates below too. The dudes will be riding all the way out and back in our trusty tour van, MOUNTAIN, so you know they’ll be in good hands.


Alright, we made it to the bottom of the post, which means it’s time to get into some serious Penny Party Pics. We celebrated her very first birthday last week, and I gotta say she did it up pretty big. Things started off a little rough with her 1 year doctor’s appointment. They drew blood this time, on top of giving her the usual shots, and it took them three sticks to finally get anything. Believe me when I say she was not thrilled about any of that. My kid is a TRU WARRYIOR though, and she recovered in no time flat.

penny shots

From then on out it was extremely on and popping. Here’s Penny enjoying a brand new birthday tradition: spaghetti and cupcakes!!!

penny cupcake

Oh man does she love cupcakes. Big hit. We spent the last month or so frantically trying to get our backyard in shape and (pay someone to) build a deck in order to ring in this first year right. Here’s the deck about a week ago.

deck build

And here it is last Saturday, hours before the big family party kicked off.

Screen shot 2013-06-04 at 10.01.58 AM

 Needless to say, the party was a total rager.

Screen shot 2013-06-04 at 10.10.40 AM

 Rap Dads and Rap Babes.

Screen shot 2013-06-04 at 10.02.39 AM

Screen shot 2013-06-04 at 10.03.11 AM

Big kid trampoline action shot.

Screen shot 2013-06-04 at 10.53.11 AM

MORE CUPCAKES!!! Cam made these awesome strawberry buttercream joints for the party, and they totally ruled.

Screen shot 2013-06-04 at 10.01.39 AM

Screen shot 2013-06-04 at 10.02.24 AM

Just want to say an enormous thank you to both of our families for all the help setting up the party, getting the garden together, grilling, blowing up balloons, taking pictures (thanks Nate!), showering Penny with crazy awesome presents, and on and on and on. Love you guys.

penny rocking chair

Screen shot 2013-06-04 at 10.18.05 AM

Alright, that’s definitely enough partying for one post. I hope you all have a wonderful week. Stay tuned for another couple of big news weeks coming down the pipeline. See you next Tuesday!

– Beak

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Screen shot 2013-06-04 at 10.03.31 AM

Tuesdays With Lazerbeak

Posted on May 28, 2013

Hey! Welcome back to another Tuesdays With Lazerbeak. Big news today: Dessa just announced her Minnesota Record Store Mini-Tour! It all goes down on June 25th, when Parts of Speech is officially launched out into the world. Four appearances and three cities in under 24 hours! Check it out:

Dessa MN Tour - web flyer

BAM. For those of you who missed out on tickets to the two beyond sold out release shows, this is a great opportunity to still see some live music and celebrate Parts of Speech hitting stores. Oh, and don’t forget about the pre-order going on over at the Doomtree Webstore (standard version now available at Fifth Element HERE). Only a couple weeks left and the deluxe limited red vinyl is getting dangerously low. If you want one of those I’d act now. Click the image below for all the info.


In super awesome music video news, Mixed Blood Majority just released our first ever video from our self-titled debut album. 2dopeboyz was kind enough to premiere “Story to Tell” on their site last week, featuring guest raps from our ultimate homie Toki Wright. Huge shouts to PCP and Joe Horton for all the help shooting, directing, and editing this thing in record time. Check out “Story to Tell” below, and spread the word if you can. Happy May Day!

YouTube Preview Image

Speaking of sweet new music, our very own Paper Tiger just dropped another single off of Fearless Beauty, his upcoming project with F. Stokes. Between producing the first two Dessa singles and now these Stokes songs, Papes is absolutely crushing it right now. Total killer. Check out “1954″ below:


Now that we’ve gotten through the main headlines, I wanted to do a quick photo recap of this past incredibly TYTE week that I just had. First off, I have to give a huge shout to Cam’s mom for making the trip up from Chicago to hang out and help out with Penny all week. Haven’t been out this much in who knows when. Things kicked off on Tuesday with the sweet Father John Misty show at First Ave (picture courtesy of TYTE JEFF).

Screen shot 2013-05-28 at 9.32.26 AM

My Official Lazerbeak Review: they put on a great show and that bass player is currently one of the best in the game (high bass and slap bass not withstanding). Their only shortcoming was covering a Beatles song in the encore. Extremely reminiscent of when Boyz II Men covered a Goo Goo Dolls song at the State Fair a few years back. Some things just look better on paper I guess.

cabin dock

On Wednesday Cecil and I headed up to his mom’s cabin to work on some new collabo beats. We’ve been getting up for a couple hours every week since the beginning of the year to hammer away on stuff, but this was our first time really setting up shop and taking some time with it.

collabo beats

 We transformed that kitchen counter top into a power studio space in no time, and 36 hours later we had 7 BRAND NEW MONSTER COLLABOS on our hands. So much fun. Here’s a picture of our celebratory final meal. Steaks and Buds. Simple men.

cecil steaks

On Friday Doomtree played at Carleton College’s annual Spring Concert in Northfield. The real kicker: we were listed as direct support to SMASH MOUTH!!! Hahahaha, never in my wildest dreams did I ever think our two bands would ever be mentioned in the same sentence, let alone cross paths and share the same stage. Here’s Stef and Cecil trying to make sense of it all during “Walking On The Sun.” Huge shouts to Carleton for having us. I will never forget that night.

smash mouth

The very next morning I met up with Alexei and Joe and headed out to Shakopee for the sixth annual Soundset Festival. Maaaaan, this fest has grown so much over the years. There was a reported 28,000 people in attendance this time! So crazy. Had the pleasure of headlining the Fifth Element stage this year with Mixed Blood Majority. Here we are performing “Story to Tell” with Toki (picture courtesy of Chris Riemenschneider). Shouts to RSE for having us.

Screen shot 2013-05-28 at 9.31.04 AM

So yeah, pretty cool week. All of that was just a warm up though for what is popping off today. It brings me great joy to announce Penelope Marlo Mader’s first birthday!!! HBD Young Nelpz!

HBD Penny

Can’t believe it’s already been a whole year since this crazy kid entered our lives. I just re-read the TWL post from when she was first born (HERE if you’re interested) and it’s truly insane to relive that time period. Hard to imagine she could go from this:

Screen shot 2013-05-28 at 10.08.02 AM

To this, in just 12 months.


Shouts to Arlo on the Photoshop. Anyways, craziest/awesomest year of my life hands down. And that’s coming from a guy who was pretty sure he’d had quite a few crazy/awesome years leading up to this one. Happy Birthday P! We love you so much. Here’s one more ridiculous Bonus Photoshop Pic sent in from Kyle Norris for good measure. Bearded Penny parting the Red Sea. Sure.


Incredible. Alright, that about does it for this post. I hope I’ve kept up my end of the deal this past year and not turned TWL into a full on baby blog. Trying my hardest to just keep it to the bottom. Keep me in check though if it ever gets too out of control. I hope you all have a wonderful week, and I’ll see you next Tuesday for sure!

– Beak

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Tuesdays With Lazerbeak

Posted on May 21, 2013

Maaaaaaan, it’s been a jam-packed week over here at Doomtree HQ. So much sweet news to talk about, let’s just dive right into it. Dessa just dropped “Call Off Your Ghost,” the smash hit second single from Parts of Speech!!!


The good folks over at Wall Street Journal and Speakeasy premiered the track yesterday (read their kind write up HERE), and today it’s available for purchase digitally through iTunes (HERE). Click the Soundcloud player below to stream the whole song. Dessa on the vocals, Paper Tiger on the beat. Always such a great pairing. You are gonna like this one, promise.

SO GOOD! And it gets even better: Last week Dessa announced the dates for the first leg of her Parts of Speech Tour. West Coast, it’s your turn. Click on the flyer below for all the major deetz and ticket link information. Des Moines and Sioux Falls were just added yesterday. Oh, and don’t forget about the Parts of Speech pre-order, available at the Doomtree Webstore (HERE) and now Fifth Element as well (HERE).

PS tour - web flyer

Last week also saw the arrival of the brand new Sims & Astronautalis collabo single “This Is The Place,” produced by the one and only Cecil Otter!!!

Get ThIs Is The Place on iTunes today!

You can purchase the track from iTunes (HERE) or Bandcamp (HERE), all for less than the cost of a small frosty. Once again, click the Soundcloud player below to stream the song in its entirety. It’s a monster.

Man, I love that track. You can see the dudes perform “This Is The Place” live for the very first time June 14th at the First Avenue Mainroom for their one-time only joint co-headlining concert. Mixed Blood Majority and Greg Grease round out the completely stacked line-up. Bill of the summer, hands down. Click the flyer below to grab tickets while they’re still available.


In more big show news, the sixth annual Soundset Festival is going down this Sunday in Shakopee, MN. P.O.S and Mixed Blood Majority are both on the insane line-up, along with Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes, Juicy J, Atmosphere, Brother Ali, Tech N9ne, Mac Miller, Aesop Rock, and about one million others. Click HERE for tickets and info, and check out the promo video roll call below to get completely amped.

YouTube Preview Image

And speaking of Doomtree related summer festival promo video roll calls (these segues are seriously reaching new heights), Summer Set Festival just put out this sweet video yesterday. The entire Doomtree crew will be performing there this August, along with Passion Pit, Girl Talk, Big Boi, Diplo, and tons more (apparently we only play festivals that have the word “Set” in them). Click HERE for tickets and info, and check out the roll call video below.

YouTube Preview Image

For the Bonus Jam today I wanted to talk a little bit about this new Daft Punk record that just dropped. I’ve been a pretty huge fan of these guys since Discovery, and I definitely bought into the masterful marketing campaign that led up to this release. Spent the last week streaming the album from iTunes and trying to digest it as much as possible. At this point I feel like I could write 100 pages on it, but I’ve already outstayed my welcome at a few parties this past week rambling on and on about it, so I’ll spare you the details. Let me just say that I can’t remember the last time a new release made me think and talk about and analyze music for more than just a day or two. I feel like I’m in junior high all over again nerding out about Sonic Youth records and Woody Allen movies. In 80 minutes this thing runs the gamut between amazing, challenging, hilarious, jaw-dropping, even frustrating and pretentious, but it really is a front to back insane ride and I can’t say enough about their unwillingness to cut any corners in the process (not to mention the way they made everything sound like a Steely Dan album). I absolutely do feel like this is an IMPORTANT record (there I said it), as old as that might make me sound, and I think you should hear it if you haven’t yet (iTunes HERE). Pitchfork’s review actually kind of hit the nail on the head too if you really wanna read more about it (HERE). Anyways, here’s “Get Lucky” for the millionth time, along with the cool unboxing video and snippet of the intro track (yet another amazing hype building marketing example). Hopefully you’ll be into it even a fraction as much as I am. If nothing else you’ll at least be treated to the completely flawless Michael McDonald/Doobie Brothers homage of “Fragments of Time.”

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

Alright, enough music talk for one week. I’ll leave you with a couple Bonus Penny Pics to tie this whole thing together. My mom sent over a couple cool shots when she was watching her last week. Here’s Penny really getting in touch with nature and, more specifically, tulips. Is there a trademarked Flower Whisperer title out there yet?

penny flowers

And here’s Penny demonstrating some kind of crazy lightning fast shape shifting hummingbird freak out arm scenario. Pretty cool move actually. I’m into it.

penny crazy arm

As you can see, she’s getting really close to being able to walk. My favorite photo happened last night when I was trying to get a good pic for the blog. My goal was to capture her pushing around her favorite toy cart, but about halfway through she just stopped and did this:

penny wizardry

I can only imagine that this is some sort of display of ancient magic wizardry, judging from her stance and the look on her face, not to mention the Gandalf-like robe she chose to don. If you’re at all familiar with my TPC! lyrical background, you know that I am pretty into ancient magic wizardry, so I put out a call to the internets to assist me in a Photoshop contest, in order to convey the great levels of mysticism that my daughter so clearly possesses. Here are a few of my favorites:

penny lightning mage

Lightning Mage Penny courtesy of Elizabeth Simmons.

force be with her

May the Force Be With Her courtesy of Ben Cohen.

penny healer

And my absolute favorite: Healer Penny courtesy of Elizabeth Simmons. Thanks so much for sending these over everybody. Photoshop pics make me laugh harder than about anything else out there (and yes I’ve seen The Big Lebowski AND The Hangover).

OK, that’s about it for this post. Make sure to spread the word about the new Dessa and Sims singles if you can, and I’ll hopefully see a ton of you out at Soundset this Sunday. If not, next Tuesday for sure. Hope you all have a wonderful week!

– Beak

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Instagram: @lazerbeak

HA! And this just in, a few final Photoshop offerings:


LAVABANGER Mage Penny courtesy of Elizabeth Simmons, aaaaaaaand………….


Penny Magic courtesy of Arlo Guthrie (who you might remember from previous Photoshop contest victories, as well as the infamous Stevie Nicks picture). Thanks again everybody!

Sims “This Is The Place” World Premiere

Posted on May 16, 2013

BEST NEWS: Sims just dropped his brand new single,”This Is the Place,” featuring Astronautalis and produced by Cecil Otter!

Get ThIs Is The Place on iTunes today!

The Current dropped the track on air yesterday afternoon, and world premiered the song online this morning, along with an excellent Sims Q&A (read about all that right HERE). You can check out “This Is The Place” on Soundcloud below, and purchase it from iTunes right HERE for less than the cost of a small frosty.

SO GOOD. All of this awesome news on the heels of Sims and Astronautalis’ announcement that they will be co-headlining the First Avenue Mainroom on June 14th for a special one-time only joint set with a newly formed live band! And on top of all that Mixed Blood Majority and Greg Grease are both on the bill. Lineup of the summer, hands down. Plus it’ll be the first chance to see the dudes perform “This Is The Place” together live. Click the flyer below for more details and ticket info.


BAM! Make sure to spread the word about “This Is The Place,” and don’t forget to grab it from iTunes HERE (for less than the cost of a king size Take 5 bar). Have a great week!

Tuesdays With Lazerbeak

Posted on May 14, 2013

Hey! Welcome back to Tuesdays With Lazerbeak. It’s a relatively off-week compared to the last month or so of crazy posts, so I figured we could switch things up a bit and actually start with a couple Bonus Jams. P.O.S and Marijuana Deathsquads are getting ready to drop POS/WDELH/MDS/RMX, a front to back remix of Stef’s We Don’t Even Live Here album, in conjunction with Rhymesayers and TGNP.


They dropped a remix of “Piano Hits” last week, and it is a monster. Beat contributions from Arson Only, Mark McGee, Cecil Otter, Lazerbeak, Isaac Gale, Slapping Purses, and Plain Ole Bill. Plus new verses from Lizzo, Sims, and Stef himself. Check it out:


Out on the East Coast our main man Paper Tiger is putting the finishing touches on a new collaborative album with ultimate homie F. Stokes (Stokes on the raps, Papes on the beats). It’s called Fearless Beauty and they’re releasing it independently on June 17th.


I got a chance to hear the whole album recently and I promise you it does not disappoint. They just dropped the first single last week, and it is by far one of my favorite songs of the year. Check out “Shaka Zulu” below:


BAM! So hot. Speaking of heat, I figured it might be time to fill everybody in on all of the Doomtree related summer shows taking place in the coming months (best segue yet, amiright?). I’m doing this just as much for me as I am for you. I don’t know how else I’d keep track of everything. Here goes nothing:

Soundset is upon us, and this year P.O.S and Mixed Blood Majority will be performing along with Snoop Dogg, Atmosphere, Busta Rhymes, and one millllllllion other great rappers. It all goes down Sunday, May 26th. Click the flyer for more details and ticket information. This will be the best.


The following day Stef will be flying out to play the Sasquatch Festival on Sunday, May 27th. I believe this whole weekend is sold out, but again, click the flyer for all the deeeetz.


Then a few weeks later it’s the completely stacked Sims & Astronautalis crazy co-headlining First Avenue show back home with Mixed Blood Majority and Greg Grease. I’m already billing this as the best lineup of the summer here in Minnesota, although I might be just a little biased. Tickets are moving fast for this, so make sure to grab them HERE. And stay tuned for more big time news from these two coming later this week.


The following Saturday (6/22) Dessa will be playing the first of her two sold out Parts of Speech release shows. This one is at the Fitzgerald Theater and it’s gonna be faaaaaaancy. There’s no flyer image for the show since it sold out within hours, so I’m gonna use this opportunity to shamelessly promote the Parts of Speech pre-order. BAM!


That exact same day Stef will be out in Denver performing a solo set at the Westword Music Showcase. Click the flyer for details.

Screen shot 2013-05-14 at 9.02.21 AM

Then it’s Dessa’s second sold out release show at First Avenue on the 29th, followed by Stef playing July 2nd at Target Field DURING A MINNESOTA TWINS GAME!!! So amazing/bizarre. I guess he’ll be performing songs live from the left field balcony during pre-game, inning breaks, and pitching changes. I cannot wait to see this. You can grab Twins tickets right HERE.

July ends with Dessa in Chicago performing an outdoor show in Millenium Park with our good friend Psalm One. Click the sweet image below to get an idea of what this is all about. Sounds awesome.

Screen shot 2013-05-14 at 9.09.59 AM

August brings the first public all crew Doomtree set of the year. All seven of us will be performing at Summer Set Festival in Somerset, WI (see what they did there?) during the weekend of August 9th-11th.  There are a ton of INSANE bands playing this year (Big Boi, Passion Pit, Diplo, Zedd, and Polica just to name a few). Check out the lineup below and grab tickets HERE. Really looking forward to this one.


To close out the summer, we’ll all be flying to Sacramento, CA on September 7th and 8th for the Launch Music Festival with Imagine Dragons and Girl Talk (and a band called Doombird?!). Expect a big full-crew Doomtree performance plus solo sets from P.O.S and Dessa earlier on.


OOOOOOOOkaaaaaay, you made it through the show posts! I think that about covers it for now. There are a couple other things still waiting to get announced, but I’ll make sure to keep you posted as those come up. Should be an outstanding summer.

I’m gonna hold off on doing a Dessa tour recap til next week when the gang officially gets back. They just wrapped up their third NYC residency show last night and have two more shows left as they make their way back home (Sellersville, PA tonight HERE, and Pontiac, MI on Thursday HERE). Here’s a quick pic of Dessa trapped in an East Coast thunderstorm earlier in the week though, just so you know she’s still out there. Stay tuned in the next couple days for even more Dessa tour announcements.

Screen shot 2013-05-14 at 8.27.44 AM

Last Wednesday was Marijuana Deathsquads’ SLAM DUNK night at Icehouse, and probably my favorite night of all time (2013 at least). Lizzo and I got to do our first real LIZZOBANGERS set and it went off without a hitch. Feels super official to finally be playing all this new stuff out in public. Here’s a quick pic of Lizzo, Cliff, and Lauren at practice a few days before the show. Who needs a rehearsal space when you have a Toyota Camry! Seriously where is my free Toyota Camry?

camry practice

So yeah, the Lizzo set went great and then everything got a million times more crazy. I got to play with Deathsquads as they performed for almost 40 minutes to nothing but awesome beats and 600+ synchronized slam dunks. Here’s a quick idea of the layout at soundcheck.


My phone doesn’t do it justice, but the main stage had two big screens front and center, plus a TV on each side, and then there were two more huge screens on each side of the venue, all playing rapid fire DUNKS while like 20 different rappers shared stage time and freestyled over all the different tracks. Steve McPherson was at the show and ended up doing an excellent write up of the whole night over at GRANTLAND (!!!), one of the best sports site out there. If you’ve got a couple minutes it’s definitely worth the read right HERE. Here’s a quick video he took to kind of give you an idea of the mass chaos that ensued. SO GREAT.

YouTube Preview Image

Alright, before I go I wanted to quickly highlight a couple sweet Local Video Bonus Jams that just came out recently (ahem, circle of life from the top of the post). First up is Metasota, who’s H.I.P. 2 album is out now. This Bobby Raps produced “Force Fed” track is a definite stand out, plus the Sway Heavy directed video looks awesome. Check it out:

YouTube Preview Image

Most welcomed music industry news ever: Y.N Rich Kids are back with “My Bike,” the follow up to “Hot Cheetos & Takis,” and these kids just racked up yet another summer anthem! Totally killing the game, plus the video rules. Shouts to the Vikes!

YouTube Preview Image

Up next are the homies Taj Raj. These dudes have a new record coming out this summer, and the first single “Pollice Verso” is outstanding (love the chorus and the drums). Really good early morning suuuuuper chill music. Check it out:

YouTube Preview Image

And lastly, here’s the brand new Har Mar Superstar “Lady, You Shot Me” video (he’ll always be local to me). Love this song.

YouTube Preview Image

OK, that about it does it. I’ll leave you with one Bonus Penny Pic. We had a great Mother’s Day weekend celebrating with Mom and Grandma. Here’s Penny wishing all moms worldwide a very happy Mother’s Day. Check out Della the Dog’s sweet photo bomb in the background.

penny mothers day

Alright, I hope you all have a wonderful week. Definitely stay tuned over here. We’ve got some big announcements coming in the next few days. See you next Tuesday!

– Beak

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Instagram: @lazerbeak

Tuesdays With Lazerbeak

Posted on May 07, 2013

Welcome back to a very special Tuesdays With Lazerbeak. Today we are unveiling the brand new Doomtree Spring/Summer line of gear!!! Figured we could finally make the announcement now that the snow has melted in Minnesota for good this year (did I just jinx us?). We’ve got a ton of new season specific clothing and accessories to get you ready for the beach! Oh man, is this already starting to sound like a Sears commercial? Let’s start things off with a new CD and slowly ease into the department store talk. It is my great joy to present to you the first ever Doomtree Karaoke disc!

doomtree karaoke cover

That’s right, 14 of your favorite Doomtree HITZ on an official CD+G karaoke disc (for all of you die hard karaoke-ers). Created by our webstore’s own Grace Zimmerman (Stef’s mom), this thing is the real deal. Grace and her husband Doug have been diligently running our webstore since Day 1, and they’ve been doing pro karaoke since way before that. Grace often makes her own karaoke CDs to bring out to events, frequently visiting nursery homes over the weekends and hosting karaoke wedding receptions all over the place (Sims’ wedding was the best). When she told us she wanted to make an official Doomtree Karaoke disc we simply could not refuse. Also comes with a free download of all 14 video files, so you can play them from any computer in addition to the karaoke machines. Very limited supplies and only available at the Doomtree Webstore. $9.99 right HERE.

Alright, now let’s jump into the rest of the summer gear! It’s our first ever attempt at a seasonal line, so bear with me on all the cheeseball selling points. Click any of the images below for more details and ordering info.



Keep your Mike’s Hard Strawberry Lemonade cold all summer long! Or any flavor of Mike’s Hard Lemonade for that matter. No Kings logo printed big on both sides. $3.99 right HERE.



So your eyes don’t catch too many of those harmful UV rayz. Blacked out shadez with the wings and teeth logo on the right arm. $4.99 right HERE.


dual tanks

American Apparel tanks in both white and blue, so you can represent all over the basketball/volleyball courts. $19.99 right HERE.


Screen shot 2013-05-07 at 9.04.01 AM

A Doomtree tote bag to carry your Doomtree coozie, Doomtree tank top, and Doomtree sunglasses to the beach with! Cream with mini black No Kings logos printed on front side. $11.99 right HERE.


windbreaker front shot

windbreaker back shot

For when the sun goes down at the beach, right? The pictures might not do it justice, but this thing is seriously AWESOME. American Apparel nylon taffeta light weight zip up windbreaker. Wings and teeth logo on the front, No Kings on the back. I will actually wear this one! $39.99 right HERE.


dt mn

The classic Doomtree, MN design stylishly revamped in white so the sun can be more forgiving to your sweaty body. $19.99 right HERE.



Not sure if buttons are really a summer thing per say, but Stef wanted to make some so we did it! Five different 1″ buttons from the WDELH artwork. Very limited supplies. $6.99 right HERE.


Screen shot 2013-05-07 at 9.17.14 AM

Get it? Another sweet MN Vice and P.O.S collabo. C.R.E.A.M. logo on front, MN Vice/P.O.S logos on back. $19.99 right HERE.

BAM! There you have it, the first ever Doomtree seasonal clothing and accessory line. We’re gonna try to do this twice a year from here on out, so get ready for the exclusive Doomtree snow blower coming out next fall!

OK, let’s get back into some music news. Last week the good people over at Blackbook premiered a sweet new lyric video for Parts of Speech first single “Warsaw.” Created by the one and only Adam J. Dunn (check out tons more of his phenomenal work right HERE). Watch this and try to keep up with the breakneck lyrical spiritual miracle cereal raps.

YouTube Preview Image

Dess and the band are currently about a third of the way through their East Coast run. They’ll be playing Boston tonight and Brooklyn tomorrow, and you can get details and tickets for the whole tour right HERE. I stole a couple pictures off of Dessa’s Instagram feed to give you a brief recap of what’s gone down so far.

Screen shot 2013-05-07 at 10.02.30 AM

MOUNTAIN appears to be thriving in the bumper to bumper East Coast parking game. Very impressive.

Screen shot 2013-05-07 at 9.53.06 AM

Joey and Dustin sipping margaritas from some seriously fancy goblets. 100% Lazerbeak approved activity.

Screen shot 2013-05-07 at 9.53.22 AM

Before and……..

Screen shot 2013-05-07 at 9.53.41 AM

After! I’ve seen Young Baby find a million different ways to sleep in hotel rooms all around the country, but this takes the cake.

Screen shot 2013-05-07 at 9.53.59 AM

Aby vs. Annie’s. Might be time to step up the Mom Snacks guys.

Screen shot 2013-05-07 at 9.54.14 AM

These dudes!!! The band is playing three separate shows in New York throughout the tour, which means they’ll get lots of quality time with Sick Trim co-founder Paper Tiger and his awesome new dog Winston.

Screen shot 2013-05-07 at 10.02.19 AM

I told you they were debuting a ton of new Parts of Speech material at these shows. Here’s the proof. Make sure you check out one of the remaining shows if you’re in the area. Tickets right HERE.

parts of speech vinyl

While those guys were gone grinding it out on the road, I got a call yesterday from Noiseland saying the Parts of Speech deluxe vinyl just came in! We only made a total of 500 on red vinyl, and they’re going fast. Make sure to hit up the pre-order right HERE to snag one.

Last week we announced the insane news that Sims and Astronautalis will be playing a joint headlining show together at First Avenue on June 14th, along with Mixed Blood Majority and Greg Grease. And now tickets have officially gone on sale to the public. Click the flyer below to grab them while you still can. Show of the summer!


Oh yeah, one other bit of show info. If you’re in the Twin Cities make sure to come out to Icehouse tomorrow night to catch the second installment of Marijuana Deathsquads’ “Music Rocks” Residency (Slam Dunk Edition). Lizzo and I will be opening up and playing a ton of new material off of LIZZOBANGERS, plus there will be constant and unrelenting slam dunk vizualz synced up to Squads’ entire set. It’s gonna be completely nutz. Click the flyer below for more info, and hopefully I’ll see a bunch of you out there.

MDS Music Rocks Icehouse Flyer

OK, I’ll leave you with a couple Bonus Penny Pics, since I took a lot of heat for not including her in either of last week’s posts.

penny drummer girl

Little drummer girl. Already a natural. Hoping she can eventually step in as the percussionist in my Luther Vandross family tribute band. I’ve got the high bass covered.

gentle pets

Here we are practicing something I like to call “Gentle Pets” with Della the Dog. It consists of me attempting to explain the difference between a “gentle pet” and trying to poke Della’s eye out with one hand while ripping her ear off with the other. We’re making progress.

penny coozie

And lastly, here’s Penny hanging outside and soaking up the rays with her NEW DOOMTREE COOZIE!!!! ONLY $3.99 AT THE WEBSTORE!!!! See how good I am at sewing these posts up?

Alright, I hope you all have a wonderful week enjoying this awesome weather. I’ll see you next Tuesday for sure!

– Beak