Super Producer

Lazerbeak is a thug. Do not be deceived by the nice-guy introductions backstage. Beak is responsible for some of the hardest lavabangers in hip hop, period. Catchy, rib-crushing, filthy.

In his basement workshop, Beak works mostly with a MPC2000XL. He layers propulsive, hard-hitting drums with driving guitar and keyboard melodies. He paces after the addition of each element, ducking to avoid the overhead pipes, playing air drums, and calculating his next layer.

Beak’s sequencing is a large part of his sound. “After you’ve got the main structure, to make it a real song, you have to take it all part again. It’s like a battle with the beat, every time.” And Beak always wins. When it’s over, the effect is some helicopter-at-the-omnitheater shit. He’ll take a beat down to its most essential elements before letting it off the leash to explode into anthemic proportions.

Lazerbeak got involved with the Doomtree crew through his high school friendship with Stef (P.O.S). But by then he’d already been playing music for years. Since 8th grade he played with The Plastic Constellations, the indie rock group that would go on to tour the country, signed to French Kiss Records. Stef, having heard Lazerbeak’s music with TPC, encouraged him to start making beats. Beak got a loan from his folks to buy his first MPC from Guitar Center. Stef came over in the afternoon to show him the ropes. No looking back.

To date, Lazerbeak has produced over 400 beats. His production appears on almost every Doomtree release, including all three of P.O.S’ solo albums. He’s now completing the production for the upcoming Sims solo release and working on a solo endeavor of his own.

Most recently, Doomtree released Lazerbeak’s collaboration with Mike Mictlan. The two schemed for years to write and record the disc. For much of that time Mike was living in L.A. Lazerbeak sent Mike beat CDs in the mail. Mike rapped his verses to Lazerbeak over the phone. Big dreams, big phone bills. Now the fruit of their labor is available in all its glory as Hand Over Fist. Legend Recognize Legend.


Hand Over Fist (with Mike Mictlan)

Legend Recognize Legend

Bad Time Zoo (with Sims)


Lazerbeak's Blog

DOOMTREE 2013: The Year In Review

Posted on December 31, 2013

Hey, welcome to theeee final Tuesdays With Lazerbeak post of 2013! It’s been a very memorable year for many reasons, so I decided to compile one big last minute list of all the wide ranging Doomtree-related music that came out in 2013, just in case anything slipped through the cracks over this action-packed year. Without any further ado, I present to you:



January saw the debut album from Mixed Blood Majority, the new project from Crescent Moon of Kill The Vultures, Joe Horton of No Bird Sing, and myself on the beats. Check out the video for “Still Standing Still” below.

YouTube Preview Image

Doomtree’s own Cecil Otter was one of the featured guests on the record. You can hear his verse from “Free Up” below, and grab the whole MBM album right HERE if you haven’t heard it yet.

YouTube Preview Image


I also snuck in a remix of our good friend Bleubird’s track “Down Like Brothers.” Check it out below.

YouTube Preview Image



P.O.S dropped the video for the We Don’t Even Live Here anthem “Weird Friends,” and boy was it a weird one. Check out the video below, and grab WDELH right HERE if you haven’t already.

YouTube Preview Image



March was the month of Paper Tiger’s 20 MINUTE MIX MARCH series. He dropped three completely different mixes (Spring Fever, Biggie, De La Soul), and they all RULED. You can download each one from Soundcloud players below:




Our friend Longshot dropped the lead single to his album Instant 4 Eternity, produced by yours truly. Check out “Weak” (ft. Rachel Jihan) below.




We rolled out Dessa’s huge Parts of Speech album announcement in April with the debut of her lead single, the Paper Tiger-produced heater “Warsaw.” Check out the lyric video below. This was just the beginning.

YouTube Preview Image



May saw the announcement of a very special one-off show at First Avenue between Sims and good friend Astronautalis. To celebrate, Sims dropped his new single “This Is The Place,” featuring guest vocals from Astronautalis and killer production from our very own Cecil Otter. Check it out below, and grab the song digitally HERE.


And check out this great recap video from the First Avenue show, which featured sets by Greg Grease, Mixed Blood Majority, and an incredible collabo set from Sims and Astronautalis.

YouTube Preview Image


Speaking of Mixed Blood Majority, we dropped a video for our Toki Wright-assisted single “Story To Tell,” with a tip of the hat to Minneapolis’ annual May Day Parade at Powderhorn Park. Check it out below.

YouTube Preview Image



June was all Dessa. After months of lead up, we finally dropped her brand new full-length album Parts of Speech, which features production from Paper Tiger and myself, as well as several new songs written with her all-star band. Check out the Paper-Tiger produced “Call Off Your Ghost” video below, and grab Parts of Speech right HERE if you haven’t yet.

YouTube Preview Image


Papes was a busy man this month. In addition to producing three tracks on Parts of Speech, he also found time to release his collaborative project with our longtime friend F. Stokes. Papes on the beats, Stokes on the raps. You can check out the video for smash hit lead single “Shaka Zulu” below, and grab the whole Fearless Beauty album right HERE.

YouTube Preview Image



In July our very own Mike Mictlan dropped an awesome video for the SNAXXX standout cut “WZRD Science.” The song and video feature great guest spots from our friend Greg Grease. Truth be told, I think this was my favorite video of the whole year. Check out the video below, and grab SNAXXX in its entirety right HERE.

YouTube Preview Image


Producer extraordinaire Ryan Olson and I dropped a Parts of Speech remix for Dessa’s “Call Off Your Ghost” under the production moniker COMMITTEE. Check out the track below, and grab it digitally HERE. Tons more COMMITTEE stuff coming in 2014.


I also put out a remix for our Chicago homie ShowYouSuck, off of his OMPP4: Slice After Death project. Check out “House of Yes” below, and grab the entire remix album for FREE.99 right HERE.




To celebrate our August headlining show at Icehouse (hosted by Lizzo), Mixed Blood Majority dropped a brand new song featuring (guess who?) LIZZO! See how that all works? Check out “Keep Diggin” below, and grab it digitally HERE.




Speaking of Lizzo, September saw the release of “Batches & Cookies,” the lead off single from the forthcoming LIZZOBANGERS album. Lizzo and Sophia Eris on the raps, Beak on the beats. Help us get this one to 100k views, we’re so close!

YouTube Preview Image


Our very own Mike Mictlan popped up on Breakfast With Doctor Gonzo, the new album from Indyground vets Steddy P and DJ Mahf. Check out “Vicious Cycle Circles” below, and grab the whole album right HERE.


Cecil Otter and I landed a remix on the new Matt and Kim Lightning Remixes album, alongside heavy hitters such as Bonde de Role and Anamanaguchi. The streaming link appears to have been taken down, but click the image below to check out all the tracks, and purchase the album right HERE.

Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 9.57.40 AM


October was totally insane here in Minneapolis, with so many huge local albums dropping this month. To kick everything off, we released the debut 7″ from Four Fists, the new collaborative project from P.O.S and Astronautalis. Check out the video for “MMMMMHMMMMM” below, and grab the extremely limited colored vinyl 7″ from our webstore right HERE.

YouTube Preview Image

Dessa dropped the lyric video to her Lazerbeak-produced Parts of Speech single “Skeleton Key,” and continued to tour the country like a complete maniac. Check out the video below.

YouTube Preview Image

P.O.S put out an entire We Don’t Even Live Here remix album with his awesome band Marijuana Deatshsquads, complete with all new MDS production and brand new verses from himself and one million other rappers. Check out the entire album stream below and download the whole thing for FREE.99 right HERE.

YouTube Preview Image

LIZZOBANGERS, the debut album from Lizzo (with beats by yours truly and executive production from Ryan Olson) dropped at the end of October. Check out “Lizzie Borden” below and grab the whole album HERE. By far one of the funnest records I’ve ever had the opportunity to work on. Super proud of this one.

YouTube Preview Image


November was the Month of the Remix. Paper Tiger put out a great remix of Polica’s “Chain My Name” single, off their excellent Shulamith album. Check it out below.

I put out a few remixes for a couple cool rock bands. First up is a band called Ginkgo, the latest project from Josh Grier of Tapes ‘n Tapes fame. Check out the “Faded Glory” remix below.

And next is the Lazerbeak remix for instrumental post-rock band Caspian. Both of these were super fun to do, since I got to take it all the way back to my indie rock roots. Check out “Halls of Summer” below.

YouTube Preview Image


For the last nine years, Doomtree has owned the month of December here in Minnesota. This year was no different. We kicked things off by releasing our feature full-length documentary Team The Best Team on all digital formats. You can now rent, stream, and download the movie in its entirety over at (or directly from your TV HERE via Amazon Instant Video, if that’s more your thing). To celebrate, we released a music video/extended trailer for the film, cut to the No Kings album track “Team The Best Team” (I know, it’s kind of confusing). Check out the music video below, and make sure to go watch the documentary right HERE.

YouTube Preview Image

Then to close out the year, we rang in our NINTH ANNUAL DOOMTREE BLOWOUT! I always worry whether or not we’ll be able to top the previous year’s Blowout (especially since we’ve been at it for so long now), but thankfully this was the best one yet! We expanded the weekend run to FOUR SOLD OUT NIGHTS this year (an all-ages show at the Triple Rock followed by three nights at First Ave), and it was THEEE BEST. Check out this great recap video of all four nights below. What a perfect way to close out 2013.

YouTube Preview Image

Alright, there you have it! Doomtree 2013: The Year In Review. I hope you all have a wonderful New Years Eve/New Years Day, and that 2014 rules incredibly hard for everybody. Hopefully we’ll see some of you out tonight too for some NYE party action. Dessa is in Chicago at Lincoln Hall with Astronautalis (a handful of tickets remain HERE), and The Men of Doomtree (Mike, Cecil, Sims, Stef, Beak — Papes in spirit) will be down in Des Moines, Iowa for a sold out show at the new Des Moines Social Club. Should be a total blast. Have a great week, and I’ll see you next Tuesday for the first Tuesdays With Lazerbeak of 2014!

– Beak

Twitter: @_LAZERBEAK_

Instagram: @lazerbeak

Tuesdays With Lazerbeak

Posted on December 24, 2013

Hey! Welcome back to one of the final Tuesdays With Lazerbeak posts of the year. Things are finally slowing down just a little bit over here after the very memorable Doomtree Blowout 9 a few weeks back. Our good friends Chris Hadland and Jay Anker, who were on hand for all four nights of the Blowout (shooting and editing recap videos at breakneck speeds), have decided to gift us with one final all-inclusive Blowout 9 Recap Video. This one is for all the marbles. Check out the grand finale of the Doomtree Blowout 9 Recap Videos below!

YouTube Preview Image

SO AWESOME. Still smiling from how much fun that weekend was. Speaking of Chris and Jay (SEGUE STREAK!!!!), you may recall that the two of them were behind the making of Doomtree’s documentary Team The Best Team, which was just released digitally for streaming, renting, and download this past month. We’ve decided to roll out a limited time holiday sale of the movie from, to lend a hand to any of you out there still scrambling to acquire last minute gifts for family and friends. This week only, you can gift Team The Best Team to a loved one for half price! Check it out:

“Need a gift for Grandma, but worried it’s too late? You’re covered! Give the gift of Doomtree, as a stream & download of our movie TEAM THE BEST TEAM. Go HERE, and tap “gift this.” For a limited time, use the code “BEACON” and your gift will be ridiculously cheap – but you’ll still look like like the star on the top of the tree.”

It’s as simple as clicking a button, and definitely beats braving this -11 degree weather to stand in line all day at a mall kiosk. Just click the image below for all the details.


In addition to all of the holiday insanity going on, this time of year is also known for its onslaught of Best Of lists from pretty much anybody that still listens to music these days. A couple pretty great (and legit) Doomtree-related nods happened recently that I thought were definitely worth mentioning. Check it out.

Get ThIs Is The Place on iTunes today!

Sims’ single “This Is The Place,” featuring guest raps by Astronautalis and production from our very own Cecil Otter, was picked as the Top 5 Hip-Hop Singles of 2013 by LA Weekly! Read all about it right HERE.


Music critic Stephen Thompson’s (of NPR’s All Things Considered) picked Dessa’s album Parts of Speech as one of his Top 10 Albums of 2013! You can read about all of that right HERE.


And LIZZOBANGERS, the album from Lizzo and myself, topped the Star Tribune’s 2013 Twin Cities Critic Tally! Having grown up here and religiously reading that list every year, this was pretty big for me. Read all about it right HERE. A bunch of our good friends are in there too! Such a standout year for Minnesota music.

OH! Speaking of LIZZOBANGERS, we’re finally throwing a big time release show for the album this Saturday down at the Triple Rock. Plain Ole Bill and myself (AKA Towel Man & Hungry Guy) will be opening up the show with the second ever in the history of the world LAVA BANGERS set, and then Lizzo is gonna completely destroy it. We’re gonna play the whole album! This night is going to RULE. There are only about 50 tickets left last I heard, so you’ll definitely want to grab those (right HERE) before doors if you’re trying to officially ring in this release with us. Hope to see a bunch of you down there!


Speaking of year end shows, we’ve got a couple New Years Eve events to cap off 2013. The Men of Doomtree (minus Papes, who’ll be there in spirit) are playing The Bash down in Des Moines, Iowa next week. Tickets are available right HERE.


And if you’re closer to the Chicagoland area, Dessa and Astronautalis will be at Lincoln Hall that very same night. Details and ticket info right HERE.

OK, that about does it for the news portion of this week’s post. I’ll leave you with a ton of Bonus Jams from my very own Best Albums Of 2013 list. I loved so many records that came out this year, which for whatever reason hasn’t been the case in quite awhile. PUMPED ABOUT IT. Here are my Top 5 Albums of 2013, in order.

#5: Kacey Musgraves - Same Trailer, Different Park

YouTube Preview Image

This one crept in under the radar just in the last month for me. I’ve been a long time sucker for new country, and this album does a great job of blending the catchy production tricks of the current era with songwriting chops and lyrics more reminiscent of some of the older country greats like Loretta and Dolly. Definitely not for everyone, but I seriously can’t stop listening to it. Getting seriously amped for my first ever arena country show in February with Kacey and Lady Antebellum.

#4: El-P and Killer Mike – Run The Jewels 

YouTube Preview Image

Oh maaaaaaaaan. If you’re a rap fan, I know I don’t even have to tell you about this one. Such an incredible collaboration to watch unfold. This record is pretty much flawless, and hard as nails. By far the best duo in the game, from production to bars. The first rap album in too long to slap me in the face and remind me how good this music can be.

#3: HAIM – Days Are Gone

YouTube Preview Image

LOVE THIS ONE. The most amazing and instantly likeable front half of an album since The Weeknd dropped House of Balloons. I definitely see all the comparisons to Stevie Nicks and Phoenix (which I love), but honestly a lot of this sounds like Heart In Motion-era Amy Grant to me, and there is possibly nothing I like more in this world than Heart In Motion-era Amy Grant. Instant classic.

#2: The-Dream – IV Play

YouTube Preview Image

The Dream does it AGAIN. I for real thought it would never get any better than his second album Love Vs. Money, but this one somehow trumps that and then some. No one is making current R&B as innovative and accessible as this guy (it’s not even close), plus the beats BANG so hard. I truly didn’t think anyone else could top this one all year, but……..

#1: Drake – Nothing Was The Same

YouTube Preview Image

I should have known. For years now I have taken quite a bit of punishment for proclaiming my love of Drake records. This one wasn’t as immediately likeable as Take Care to me, but once it clicked I didn’t wanna listen to anything else. He’s only getting better, and 40 completely crushes it all of the production. A few weeks back when I went out on that mini roadtrip tour with Lizzo, we listened to this album about 20 times in a row nonstop and it never got old. THE BEST.

And now for my Honorable Mentions of the Year. Consider these your bonus Bonus Jams.

Volcano Choir – Repave

YouTube Preview Image

Steve Arrington + Dam-Funk – Higher

YouTube Preview Image

Darkside – Psychic

YouTube Preview Image

inc. – no world

YouTube Preview Image

Daft Punk – Random Access Memories

YouTube Preview Image

Speedy Ortiz – Major Arcana

YouTube Preview Image

There you have it! Lazerbeak’s Top 5 Albums of 2013 (and Honorable Mentions).

I’ll leave you with a quick Bonus Penny Pic to satisfy the out-of-town family contingency. Here she is watching my favorite movie ever (Finding Nemo, duh) and playing with my favorite toy as a kid (’85 Bears bear) at the SAME DAMN TIME! And please don’t get it twisted, my grandparents were from Chicago. It’s still Vikes ALL DAY.

Screen Shot 2013-12-24 at 10.37.54 AM

Man I love that kid. Alright, I hope you all have a truly incredible and relaxing holiday week. I cannot wait to get into my Christmas Eve tradition of drinking brandy ciders and watching Love Actually with Penny and the wifepiece tonight. See you next Tuesday for sure. Merry Christmas!

– Beak

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Instagram: @lazerbeak

Tuesdays With Lazerbeak

Posted on December 17, 2013

Oooooooookay, welcome back to the first Tuesdays With Lazerbeak post since Blowout 9 Week! Oh man, that was kind of insane in the best way possible. If you missed it (or just want to relive it), you’re in luck. The unstoppable force that is director Chris Hadland and editor Jay Anker were both on hand every night to capture footage and turn in Blowout Recap Videos each following morning. Check out all four Blowout video recaps below!


YouTube Preview Image


YouTube Preview Image


YouTube Preview Image


YouTube Preview Image

Soooo much fun. If you’re looking for some epic photo recaps from talented photographers Zoe Prinds-Flash and Ben LaFond, just click HERE (Thurs), HERE (Fri), HERE (Sat), and HERE (Sun) for rundowns of every night.


There are so many meticulous details that go into planning the Blowout each year. We usually start brainstorming way back in August or September, and then slowly chip away at what we can do to make each year different from the past. It takes so many amazing people that you’ll never see on stage to actually pull this event off every year, and I’d like to take a little blog time to acknowledge and profusely thank everyone that worked so hard this time around. Kinda feel like I’m at the Grammys and they already started playing the exit music, but this is absolutely necessary. Bear with me.

- To Randy Hawkins (front of house) and Miles (monitors), who spent the whole week working out our new wireless in-ear systems and getting the whole crew up to speed so that the sound could be better than ever. And to Jay Pearlman, who did sound at the Triple Rock and navigated everything like a pro. You guys crushed it. Oh, and to Shure for the sponsorship which allowed us to have all this new gear in the first place.

- To Plain Ole Bill, who worked his ass off helping us re-craft the sets this year and switch things up (he’s the reason why we had those cool solo Megamixxes this time aournd). And for being our eye in the sky, pep talk giver, and note taker each night. You are the best.

- To Joe Mabbott, who fit us into his schedule super last minute in order to mix the new tracks and master all of the sets, even though The Hideaway Studio was booked out for like three months in advance.

- To Paul “Arlo” Guthrie, who flew in from Nashville working with Lady Antebellum just to do an amazing light show for these four concerts. I should also mention he spent his birthday on Sunday working for us, just to catch a flight at the crack of dawn to hop back on tour. Everything looked insane.

- To Matt and Hal from Playatta, who created all the totally nutz vizual projections and live mixed everything on the two back screens each night. You brought the stage presence to a whole ‘nother level.

- To Mary Thayer, our in house publicist who had the worst job in the world handling our enormous guest list each night. Hundreds and hundreds of emails and change ups for the last three weeks straight. A completely thankless job, and she did it without ever complaining once. Priceless.

- To Sonia, Conrad, and the entire staff at First Avenue, for being so good to us over the years. Never felt more at home in a venue than I do at First Ave. And to Zartan and the entire staff of the Triple Rock for letting us come in and do an all ages show for the kids, even though it meant they wouldn’t make any bar sales. Felt great to play that room again. You guys rule.

- To Zoe Prinds-Flash and Ben LaFond, who took pictures all night every night and made sure they were in my inbox early the next morning to post in the recaps. Killed it. Shouts to guest photographer Emmet Kowler as well, who shot on Saturday night.

- To Chris Hadland and Jay Anker, who basically did not sleep for 94 hours in order to film and edit four totally different recap videos. Sooooo good. They’ve got one more long all inclusive video they’re working on now, which we should be able to debut next week. Glad we could get the gang back together a year after Team The Best Team dropped.

- To, The Current, and 2 Gingers for sponsoring the event, getting the word out, and providing a lot of free whisky backstage. It was all incredibly helpful, and we really appreciate the support.

- To Ander Other and Crista Bell, who worked in the freezing cold to organize all of our merch and get everything ready to sell each night, then took a quick break and went right back in and sold it all. Shouts to Sarah Schatz and the other merch people as well. We generally have upwards of 60 items on the table each night. That job is complete madness.

- To our special guest artists: Aby Wolf, Crescent Moon, I Self Devine, Har Mar Superstar, Greg Grease, and Astronautalis. You are all total pros and incredible people. I’m so glad we live in a city where pulling something like this off is as simple and painless as a few texts and a soundcheck. You all completely crushed it.

- To our charity partners: Kicker Project, Tubman, Southside Family Nurturing Center, and True Food Chef Council. Each year we donate 10% of Blowout proceeds to various local charities. Happy to have all the guys on board this time around.

- To all the local press that covers the Blowout every year and continues to support this thriving local music scene. It’s a huge part of why so many people come out and watch local shows. Read some Blowout  show reviews from the Star Tribune and City Pages HERE and HERE.

- To everyone who bought a ticket and came to any one of the Blowout nights, even though we’ve been doing these shows for 9 years and there are always a million other awesome things to go do in this city. We sold out all four shows, and played to over 5,500 people last week, in Minnesota where temperatures got below zero. I’ll never get over that. THANK YOU.

I’m sure I’m still forgetting tons of people right now. Just wanted to really point out that it goes so much deeper than just the seven of us clowning around on stage. We are truly grateful to have the opportunity to work with so many awesome folks.


Alright, that does it for the super sentimental Blowout recap portion of this post. 2013 is not totally over yet though, and there are still a few more Doomtree-related events to get into before the New Year.

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 9.12.14 AM

This Thursday the 19th, Dessa will be appearing at the live taping of the NPR-syndicated show Wits, with actor and co-guest Jason Ritter, and host John Moe. There are still a few tickets left for this event at the lovely Fitzgerald Theatre. Grab them HERE.


Then on New Years Eve, Dessa will be down in Chicago playing a show with Astronautalis at Lincoln Hall. Tickets are available HERE.


That very same night The Men of Doomtree (minus Papes, who will be there in spirit) play something called The Bash in Des Moines, Iowa. Sims, Cecil, Mike, Stef, and myself will be at the Des Moines Social Club all night, so if you’re in the area, definitely come help us pop bottles. Tickets are available right HERE.


And if you’re nearby Minneapolis, don’t forget about the official LIZZOBANGERS album release show on December 28th at the Triple Rock. Lizzo and I will be celebrating the end of a great year and playing the whole album live, plus Plain Ole Bill and I will opening up the show with a very special LAVA BANGERS set (the second one that’s ever happened). The whole reason why I ended up working with Lizzo in the first place is because of LAVA BANGERS, so this is like a perfect Circle of Life scenario. This night is going to rule SO HARD. A handful of tickets are still available right HERE.

Alright, that should about do it for this post. I’ll leave you with a couple Bonus Penny Pics to wrap it all up. Here she is as happy as can be over at my mom’s place. All Toys Everything. Craziest kid ever.

penny smile

And here she is getting busted breaking into the cupboards and trying to steal all of the peanut butter for the millionth time this month. Nice try, P.

penny peanut butter

I wanted to say a quick special final Blowout thanks to Sarah, for the awesome knit hat and headband that she made for Penny, and Fernando, who brought back a dress all the way from Mexico for Young Nelpz. You guys are the best. Penny is totally decked out in the finest threadz now. ‘Preciate you guys!

OK, I hope you all have a wonderful and as relaxing of a week as possible with the holidays looming overhead. I’ll see you next Tuesday for sure!

– Beak

Twitter: @_LAZERBEAK_

Instagram: @lazerbeak

Blowout 9 Recap: Night 2

Posted on December 14, 2013

OH MAN. Last night we rang in Night 2 of Blowout 9 in the First Avenue Mainroom, and it was INSANE. Not a ton of words to describe what it’s like to play to to a sold out First Ave crowd, I just know that my cheeks still hurt this morning from smiling so much. Check out the truly awesome recap video below to get an idea of what I’m talking about. Huge enormous shouts to Chris Hadland for filming and Jay Anker for pulling the all-night editing job. I love this one so much. WATCH IT!

YouTube Preview Image

And if that wasn’t enough, we’ve got a bunch of great photos to share with you from our longtime photographer friends Zoe Prinds-Flash and Ben LaFond. Zoe is up first, and you can check out even more of her pics over at her Facebook page (right HERE). Love these ones.

crew black nk

dessa jump

sims hands

happy crowd

2 gingers


sims mike donuts

mike asleep

papers point

mad rappers

stef rap


alexei live

sims cecil beak

mike point

cecil rap

beak nk


mike stef

And here are some select shots from the homie Ben LaFond, who you might remember as our Doomtree tour photographer from way back when. Very happy to have him back on board for this.

mike ears

stef bill

dessa backstage

hands up

stef rap


mike rap

cecil rap


Gotta say a big thank you to, The Current, and 2 Gingers for sponsoring the event, as well as our special musical guests Crescent Moon and Aby Wolf for murdering it. Oh, And to Glam Doll Donuts and Angel Food Bakery for stocking our green room with boxes upon boxes of donuts. I think we collectively gained about 25 pounds last night. Yikes.

Alright, I hope you all have a great day. Looking forward to seeing a ton more of you tonight for Blowout 9 Night 3. This show is SOLD OUT. Doors are at 8:00 and music will start promptly at 9:00, so make sure to get there on time in order to catch the whole show. If you’re starting to kick yourself for not buying Blowout tickets, there are still a handful available to Sunday’s final show right HERE. Less than a hundred as of last night though, so get em fast if you want them.

And definitely stay tuned to for another Blowout 9 Recap post tomorrow. See you soon!

– Beak

Twitter: @_LAZERBEAK_

Instagram: @lazerbeak


Tuesdays With Lazerbeak

Posted on December 10, 2013

Oooooooookay, Blowout Week is officially upon us! There is a ton of stuff to cover, so let’s just jump right into it with a daily play-by-play. Tomorrow, Wednesday 12/11, we’ll be celebrating the digital launch of the Doomtree documentary Team The Best Team with a full on Doomtree Movie Night! Check it out:

Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 8.36.09 AM

At 9:00pm CST we encourage everyone to press play and watch Team The Best Team together at the same time. If you’re the type of person who loves talking through movies, just use the Twitter  hashtag #BlowoutEve and go totally nutz all over the internetz. Various members of Doomtree will be joining in the festivities as well, so make sure to keep an eye out for #BlowoutEve. You can rent, stream, or download the movie directly from us over at, and if you’re an fan, you can now rent and download Team The Best Team as an Amazon Instant Video right HERE. We recommend getting everything set up at least 15 minutes before the 9:00pm CST start time, to allow for any loading or buffering. Click below to grab the movie and celebrate #BlowoutEve with us in style!


Oh, and if you’re really trying to go all out for Doomtree Movie Night, I’ve included my world famous Lava Banger Nachos recipe below, along with the Lava Banger Shot recipe in case you’re trying to turn this thing into a drinking game (suggestion: drink every time Paper Tiger says “And that you can print”).

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 10.01.09 AM



Then on Thursday we’ll be kicking off the show portion of Blowout 9 with a very special all-ages performance at the Triple Rock Social Club. This show is SOLD OUT. Doors are at 6:30, and you’ll wanna get there right on time as we’re trying to pack as much music in as possible and still get the kids home at a decent hour for school the next day. Check out all the details below:


Friday will kick off a three-day run of shows in the First Avenue Mainroom. Both the Friday 21+ and Saturday 18+ shows are SOLD OUT, but there are still a handful of tickets left to Sunday’s 18+ show (available right HERE). If you have even the slightest inclination of going this year, I’d suggest grabbing tickets sooner than later. They always go tend to go super fast throughout the week of the show. Check out the flyer below for all door times (again try to get there closer to doors, we have a ton of music in store), and click HERE for Sunday tickets. If you aren’t able to make it (or live too far away), make sure to check back to this site at noon each following day for tons of recap photos and videos.


Oh yeah, one more insanely awesome detail regarding Friday’s 21+ show: Our very own Metro Transit is offering free bus rides to the Friday Blowout! Click HERE for instructions on how to take advantage of this sweet deal. HUGE shouts to Metro Transit, we couldn’t be happier to have them on board. Such a cool idea.

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 9.31.45 AM

With every Doomtree Blowout comes a lot of brand new Doomtree merch. We wanted to give you a sneak peek at some of the new items that will be available for the first time at the shows this year (Out-of-towners: we’ll be making all this stuff available on the Webstore in the coming weeks). Since the weather has already dropped below zero here in Minneapolis, we decided to make our very own Doomtree No Kings scarves to keep as much heat in as possible. Check out the the new band photo below, haha.

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 9.44.39 AM

After taking a lot of flack for not offering a screen-printed poster at last year’s Blowout, we’ve upped the ante and hired on Burlesque of North America to design and print this awesome limited-edition Blowout 9 poster. There will only be 150 of these available, so grab them at the merch booth fast if you want one. Nine crazy Mike Davis-designed monsters to represent each year that we’ve been doing this thing.


We’ve got three new Doomtree shirts as well, cuz you need those things when it’s cold and when it’s hot. Shouts to Paper Tiger and Adam Garcia for designing these.

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 9.56.08 AM

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 9.52.26 AM


Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 9.53.46 AM

All that and more! We’ll also have some new No Kings shoelaces (ridiculous), a sweet new Cecil Otter shirt, and a super special top-secret Tuesdays With Lazerbeak shirt that you’ll just have to see once you get there. It is pretty much my favorite thing in the entire world.

Alright, that about wraps up all the big news for Blowout Week. Cannot wait! I’ll leave you with a special Video Bonus Jam from our very own Dessa. She recently stopped by the NPR Studios with her whole band to record three live songs for the insanely popular Tiny Desk Concert Series. Click the link below to check it all out. Very cool.

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 10.37.01 AM

Bam! Who am I kidding, what’s a Tuesdays With Lazerbeak post without at least one Bonus Penny Pic to bring everything to a close? Life has been pretty insane over at the Mader household these last few weeks getting everything together for Blowout 9. Here’s a picture of a pretty normal night at home. Me sending out roughly one million emails, and Penny hard at work analyzing the overall plot and character development of Pixar’s UP!. Taking Care Of Business for real!

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 10.43.51 AM

Aaaaaaand that’s a wrap! I hope you all have a truly wonderful week. Stay warm, and hopefully I’ll see a ton of you over the coming days. Happy Blowout Week!

– Beak

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Tuesdays With Lazerbeak

Posted on December 03, 2013

Welcome back to Tuesdays With Lazerbeak! I’ve got a HUGE NEWS DAY for you today, so let’s jump right into things. It brings me the utmost joy to announce that Team The Best Team, the 70 minute feature full-length Doomtree documentary, is now available to rent, stream, and download online!!! 


SO PUMPED FOR THIS. If you’ve been holding off on buying the physical DVD (who really buys those things anymore?), now is your chance to watch the documentary in all its glory straight from the comfort of your computer. Head on over to for all the digital format options. And if that still isn’t enough convincing, check out the brand new Team The Best Team music video/extended trailer that mashes up the song “Team The Best Team” with a TON of footage from the movie Team The Best Team. Confuuuuuusing, I know. Big thanks to Absolute Punk for premiering the video today. Always appreciate their support. Watch it below!

YouTube Preview Image

Also, enormous shouts to director Chris Hadland and editor Jay Anker for all of the insane hard work they put into both this music video and the TTBT documentary over the last two years. Maybe it’s just because I’m so used to working on albums and this was a totally new challenge, but I’m still extremely proud of how everything turned out with this movie, and couldn’t be happier that more people are now able to see it. Again, you can rent, stream, or download the documentary right HERE

To celebrate the big news, we’ve decided to throw our very own Doomtree Movie Night! Check it out.

Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 8.36.09 AM

Next Wednesday (12/11), the night before Blowout 9 begins, we’re organizing a Team The Best Team Movie Night. At 9:00pm Central we’ll all press ‘play’ on the documentary and watch the movie together. If you’re the type of person that talks through movies, just use the hashtag #BlowoutEve and go virally nutz. Various members of Doomtree will be joining in the festivities as well. Check out the Facebook event page for even more details right HERE. What better way to ring in Blowout 9? Ahem, segue streak continues riiiiiight…….


BAM! We’re just over a week out from the ninth annual Doomtree Blowout! The Thursday, Friday, and Saturday shows have all SOLD OUT, which leaves Sunday (12/15) as your last chance to catch all seven crew members rocking the same stage this year. Just got an updated count from First Ave yesterday, and tickets are moving fast for this one. If you’re thinking about going, now is definitely the time for action. Grab tickets to Sunday’s finale Blowout performance right HERE.

And now for a few more shows happening this month. I’m going to be heading out on a quick three date run with Lizzo this weekend, supporting the great Polica in Chicago (Thurs), Detroit (Fri), and Madison (Sat). Super pumped to continue spreading the LIZZOBANGERS gospel. Check out the flyer below, or click HERE for ticket information. Hope to see some of you Midwesterners out and about this weekend!


Oh, and at the very end of the month we’ve got TWO sweet Doomtree-related events to ring in the New Year!

Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 9.17.02 AM

JUST ANNOUNCED: P.O.S, Sims, Mike Mictlan, Cecil Otter, and yours truly (otherwise known as the Men of Doomtree – minus Papes who will be there in spirit) will all be down in Des Moines, Iowa this New Year’s Eve to pop bottles and play loud rap music at the newly opened Des Moines Social Club. Check out all the details right HERE. Should be a great time. And if you’re closer to the Chicagoland area……..

Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 9.21.00 AM

Dessa and her full band will be at Schubas Tavern in Chicago on New Year’s Eve to ring in their final show of 2013, after totally crushing it on the road all year long. Check out the flyer above, or click HERE for details and ticket info. Both shows are gonna rule!

Oooooooookay, that for real does it for Doomtree news this week. Let’s close this already insanely long post out with another round of Local Bonus Jams! There’s been a ton of great music coming out of the Twin Cities as of late. Here are four more artists that released material this past week. I’ll kick things off with Brandon Allday (of Big Quarters notoriety). He just dropped a solo joint with some nice production from Afrokeys. Check out “Going Home” below.

Next up is Mac Irv, who just released a new video for “Who We Are” that features guest verses from Metasota and MaLLy (both featured in last week’s Local Bonus Jams). Looks like this video also doubles as a teaser for an upcoming movie of the same name. Definitely looking forward to checking that out. Watch “Who We Are” below.

YouTube Preview Image

The homie Franz Diego just released a new project this week called Retrograde over on Bandcamp (HERE). Really liking what I’ve heard of this so far, excited to listen more. Plus the beats are on point! Check out the whole album below.

And now to switch out of rap mode for our final Local Bonus Jam. This one comes courtesy of Taj Raj. These dudes just dropped a video for “Begging The Devil,” which happens to be my favorite track off of their excellent Fine Hearts Alive EP. Check it out below. That chorus is the best.

YouTube Preview Image

OK! I’m gonna leave you with a couple Bonus Penny Pics before for real wrapping up the longest blog post of all time. Here are a few arts & crafts action shots of Penny over at my Mom’s place last week, working on her first paper turkey. Before…..


And after! Something tells me Grandma had a bit of a behind-the-scenes roll in this masterpiece. The diva in Penny would never allow another signature on her artwork though.


BOOM. Congratulations on making it through this novel of a post. I hope you all have a tremendous week. If you’re out in Chicago, Detroit, or Madison this weekend come say hi to me on the Lizzo/Polica tour. Otherwise I’ll see you next Tuesday to kick off Blowout 9 Week with a bang!

– Beak

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Tuesdays With Lazerbeak

Posted on November 26, 2013

Hey! Welcome back to another Tuesdays With Lazerbeak. Can’t believe we’re now just over two weeks out from the NINTH ANNUAL DOOMTREE BLOWOUT!!! The Thursday, Friday, and Saturday shows are now all officially SOLD OUT, which means that Sunday, December 15th is your last opportunity to catch all seven members of the crew together on stage in 2013. Check out the flyer below for more details, and grab your tickets HERE.


Speaking of Blowouts (I cannot even begin to tell you how long the current segue streak is): This year we’ve decided to take our own spin on the mayhem of Black Friday shopping, and offer a special Blowout Sale on all Doomtree crew-related items at the Doomtree Webstore!


Here are all the glorious details:

If there’s one American tradition that we can all get behind, it’s the tradition of getting behind each other to push our writhing bodies through the doors of a big box retailer in the predawn hours Black Friday.

 Doomtree will be throwing our very own Black Friday sale this year. We’ve decided to let the other vendors lure the early birds—regular birds are good enough for us. In light of the fact that this year’s Blowout will be our ninth (!), our Black Friday sale will begin at 9am and end at 6pm: nine glorious hours of savings on Doomtree crew-related gear.

 For the real Black Friday devotees, online sales can sometimes lack the thrill of the stake-out: the huddled lines, the press of deal-seeker against deal-seeker, the occasional collapsed lung. If you’re a fiend for the rush, we invite you to log onto the site a few minutes early then leave the apartment, pulling the fire alarm on the way out. As your neighbors flood out, push your way through them, back up the stairs and into your unit. In the midst of all the screamed abuses, you’ll find yourself breathless, disheveled, and saving 20%. Almost as good as the real thing.

BAM! So to paraphrase: This Friday from 9am-6pm (CST) you can get 20% off all Doomtree crew-related merch over at the Doomtree Webstore. Just load up your cart and enter the discount code “blowout” before checking out. EASY!


And when you’re done with all that shopping you can head on down to Honey in Minneapolis to celebrate the end of Black Friday with a Young Baby Ander Other DJ set! Check out the flyer below for all the party details. SGLD will also be DJ’ing, and MaLLy will be hosting.


Alright, that about does it for this week’s news. Pretty slow with the holiday weekend coming up (and we’re in super crazy hustle mode to get everything together for the Blowout), so let’s jump right into the Bonus Jams of the Week. This week I’ve got a pair of Local Bonus Jams for you. The first one is from MaLLy and Last Word, off their new Strange Rhythm EP that just dropped earlier this month. I like these guys working together quite a bit. Check out the first single, “Dead Art Painting,” below, and stay tuned for their full-length collabo album dropping next year.

Next up is Metasota with a new take on Drake’s “Wu-Tang Forever” beat. This one is more of the ode to Wu-Tang that a lot of people (ahem, New Yorkers) were hoping for from Drake in the first place. I like Drake beats, Wu-Tang homages, and Metasota, so this is kind of a perfect trifecta for me. Shouts to Sway Heavy on the vizualz. Here’s “Wu Forever”:

YouTube Preview Image

BANG. I’ll leave you with one totally awesome Bonus Penny Pic before calling it a day. We watched the AMAs together this past Sunday (Pitbull was hosting, COULD NOT MISS IT), and Penny did a pretty amazing job of upstaging Just Timberlake and the Tennessee Kids live performance with her very own groundbreaking Suite for Toy Whistle and Toy Xylophone. It was extremely moving. Also, please note my restraint in not going for the easy Penny Whistle joke. I wouldn’t do that to you.

penny whistle

Ok, I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend filled with all of the foods and all of the naps. See you next Tuesday with another big announcement!

– Beak

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Tuesdays With Lazerbeak

Posted on November 19, 2013

Welcome back to another round of Tuesdays With Lazerbeak! We’re just over three weeks out from the NINTH ANNUAL DOOMTREE BLOWOUT (Sunday tickets still available HERE), and things are starting to ramp up nicely here at Doomtree Headquarters. There are still a few Doomtree-related shows to catch around the rest of the country though before all seven of us are reunited in mid-December. Dessa has only three dates remaining on this final leg of the Parts of Speech Tour. She’ll be playing Pensacola tonight (Tuesday, duh), New Orleans on Wednesday, and Nashville on Thursday. If you live near any of these fine US cities, make sure to come through and check out a show, as this this is probably your last chance to see her and the band roll through for a good while. You can check out the last three dates HERE, or click the flyer for more details.


If you’ve been patiently waiting to see an excellently well crafted Tour Recap Vid from this Southern run of the Parts of Speech Tour, you are in luck! Our good friend Ricardo Zapata has been tagging along this whole time, and put together these super sweet vizualz over a really jaw-dropping remix to “Call Off Your Ghost” (whoever had a hand in that must be extremely talented). Check out the Parts of Speech Tour: South // Recap #1 Video below, and stay tuned for Video #2 coming soon.

YouTube Preview Image

UPDATE: Here’s Video #2, much sooner than later. Thanks Ricardo!

YouTube Preview Image

Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, Dessa has just announced that she’ll be participating in an upcoming episode of the NPR-syndicated show Wits, which will be recorded live at The Fitzgerald Theatre on December 19th with actor and co-guest Jason Ritter. I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about these live events, so if you happen to still be in town for the holiday definitely grab a ticket and come down. You can check out all the details right HERE.

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 9.12.14 AM

Speaking of sweet shows (AHHHHH SEGUE STREAK!!!!!), our very own P.O.S is flying out to the West Coast for a couple days to perform with Marijuana Deathsquads, as they continue to crush everything in sight on the Polica tour. Stef will be playing with MDS on Wednesday in Los Angeles and Thursday in San Francisco. Click HERE for details, or check the flyer below for even more info. And don’t forget that Lizzo and I will be jumping on the Chicago, Detroit, and Madison dates of the Polica tour in early December!


Alright, that does it for show news. Now it’s time for a pair of extremely glorious BONUS JAMS!!! For those of you that know me a bit, I got my start in music playing in a rock band called The Plastic Constellations (TPC! for short) with my three best friends since junior high. We started when we were about 13 and made it all the way to 2008 before eventually calling it quits. At that point everyone kind of went off on their own career paths, but stayed SUPER tight friends (I see those guys more than ever now). Today it brings me insane joy to announce that Jeff Allen (co-singer/guitarist of TPC!) has started a new band called TYTE JEFF, after a five year hiatus from recording music!!! Seriously could not be more AMPED about this. Check out “Loose Crowns,” the first single from the TYTE JEFF EP, below RIGHT NOW. It is so incredibly TYTE to hear this guy singing again.

SO GOOD. And that’s the LEGEND GOD Matt Scharenbroich playing drums on the recording too! You can learn everything there is to currently know about TYTE JEFF right HERE, and if you’re near the Twin Cities, come on down to the Terminal Bar (yes, that Terminal Bar) tomorrow night (Wednesday) to check out the band live for the first time. HISTORY IN THE MAKING. It’s going to be so weird.

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 9.37.25 AM

YES! And now for a bit of a more unconventional Video Bonus Jam. PBS affiliate station TPT recently created a short documentary on legendary photographer, First Avenue luminary, and all around amazing guy Dan Corrigan for their ongoing MN Original series. Doomtree has been fortunate enough to know Dan for a really long time, through our relationship with First Ave and way before that when he was a photographer at City Pages. He is truly the best guy. Huge shouts to TPT for shedding some light on a person who has played an integral behind the scenes role in Minneapolis music for DECADES. If you have nine free minutes today, I cannot recommend anything more highly than watching this video. Dooooooooit.

YouTube Preview Image

Alright, that about does it for this week’s post. I’ll leave you with a couple Bonus Penny Pics before I call it a day. This kid only gets crazier with time. Here she is at the park rocking her newly patented “Sideways Tongue” look and subliminally paying homage to Michael Jordan at THE SAME DAMN TIME. I’m sure of it.

penny swing 2

And here’s Penny all bundled up in my folks’ backyard, possibly heading out on a Quixote-esque quest, battling tiny windmill monsters with her trusty steed Rosinante (not pictured below). Truth be told I’ve only ever gotten through half of Don Quixote (TWICE), but I think that gives me the right to throw around a sophisticated term like “Quixote-esque,” right? Fingers crossed. UPDATE: Wait, the term is “Quixotic” isn’t it? So close.

penny quixote

OK, that for real does it for this edition of Tuesdays With Lazerbeak. I hope you all have a wonderful week. Maybe I’ll see a few of you out at the Terminal Bar tomorrow for the inaugural TYTE JEFF show. Otherwise next Tuesday for sure!

– Beak

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Tuesdays With Lazerbeak

Posted on November 12, 2013

Welcome back to Tuesdays With Lazerbeak! I’m finally getting a chance to catch my breath after the last month or so of huge announcements. Quick Doomtree Blowout 9 Update: the Friday 21+ and Saturday 18+ shows are officially SOLD OUT. Online tickets to the Thursday all ages show at the Triple Rock are now also sold out, and from the sounds of it there are only about a dozen or so physical tickets left at the Electric Fetus, so get on that quick if you’re trying to catch the kickoff. That means that the Sunday 18+ show is your very last chance to catch this year’s festivities. Click HERE for more details and ticket info, or just click the awesome Paper Tiger-designed flyer below. Tickets to the Sunday show are moving fast now that the other nights have sold out.


Oh, and speaking of Doomtree-related shows (SEGUE STREAK!!!!): if you happen to live in Florida and have waited YEARS for anyone in Doomtree to play your state, NOW IS YOUR CHANCE. Dessa and the band are currently en route to you now, playing FOUR shows there over this next week (with a special stop in Atlanta on the 18th just to mix things up a little). Check out the personalized Florida message from Dessa below, and grab your tickets HERE.

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 8.41.15 AM

In other tour news, Lizzo just met up with Har Mar Superstar in London for the start of their big UK tour! If you live anywhere near those parts, definitely come out and catch a show this month, or spread the word to friends who do live over there if you’re able to. You can click HERE for ticket info, or check out the flyer below for the complete list of dates.

lizzo fb square

Also, thanks so much to the UK in general for all the love they’ve been showing LIZZOBANGERS. I’ve seen a ton of great press popping up over there, and it seems like BBC Radio, NME, and The Guardian are all on board with Lizzo too! So awesome. Today marks the fourth week of the album being out. If you’re curious but just haven’t picked it up yet, you can do that right HERE. Once Lizzo gets home in December I’ll be joining her for a handful of shows in the Midwest. We’ll be opening up for Polica December 5th-7th on their Chicago, Detroit, and Madison dates (details HERE), followed by the big Minneapolis LIZZOBANGERS Album Release/Homecoming Show at the Triple Rock on December 28th. Grab tickets for that one HERE.

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 8.58.51 AM

OK, enough about upcoming shows. Let’s get into some serious Luther Vandross Deep Cut Bonus Jams!!! As you probably already know, I have been quite fanatical about this man for the last year or two, and it’s only getting more out of hand as of late. I recently started reading this out-of-print Luther biography (shouts to my awesome mom for tracking down a used copy on Amazon), and I am learning SO MUCH. I stopped myself about a third of the way through to take a few weeks off and spend some time with his first three albums, in order to get a better understanding of the music as I read along. Is this what college feels like?! Anyways, I’ll try not to bore you with talk of complex background vocal arrangements and session player gossip, but here is a smattering of some truly insane Deep Cut Bonus Jams from the first three solo Luther Vandross albums that you won’t find on many of the Greatest Hits comps. I really hope you like them! To me there is nothing I’d rather listen to right now.

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

THE BEST. If you do like that stuff, I cannot recommend enough grabbing Never Too Much, Forever For Always For Love, and Busy Body. You will not be disappointed. And if you don’t like that stuff, I totally get it. I’ll try to keep these Luther Deep Cut Bonus Jam editions to a minimum, I promise (once every three albums sounds about right actually). Even if you don’t like the music, you still might find this story on how Luther’s middle name was chosen quite amusing. Or at least you’ll understand why I’m pushing to name the TWINZ Luther and Ronzoni (shouts to Astronautalis for backing me up on that one).

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 9.58.31 AM

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 10.00.19 AM

Incredible. You can follow #LUTHERFACTS on Twitter for more gems like that. I’ll leave you with a couple Bonus Penny Pics to bring this whole thing to a close. Last Friday I got some real deal babysitting practice in preparation for these crazy TWIN BWOYZ that are on the way. Our good friends Jeff & Alison took a weekend vaycay down to Savannah to visit Matt & Katie’s new home, and I got to watch Finn and Gus for the day before their grandpa picked them up. Here’s Finn, Penny, and Gus eating apples and “chocolate sandwidges” (NUTELLA 4EVER) and watching some crazy Nick Jr. shows. Pretty sure Della the Dog came out the real winner in this scenario.

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 9.29.01 AM

And here’s an EXTRA DIVA-ish pic of Penny that the wifepiece took the other day. She’s definitely been working overtime developing her very own Blue Steel look. Shouts to Zoe for the sweater/hoodie hand-me-down!

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 9.38.36 AM

Alright, that for real does it for this edition of Tuesdays With Lazerbeak. I hope you all have a wonderful week. See you next Tuesday for sure!

– Beak

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Tuesdays With Lazerbeak

Posted on November 05, 2013

Welcome back to a very special Tuesdays With Lazerbeak. For all of you kids (or parents of kids) who’ve been wondering why oh why there is no all ages show for the NINTH ANNUAL DOOMTREE BLOWOUT, your patience is about to pay off. JUST ANNOUNCED: We’re gonna kick off Blowout weekend with a bang at the Triple Rock for an intimate ALL AGES SHOW on Thursday, December 12th!!! Yes, Doomtree is indeed for the children.


Tickets are available online RIGHT NOW over HERE, and at noon today there will also be some physical tickets available from the Electric Fetus in Minneapolis. These are guaranteed to go fast, so if you’ve been waiting for this announcement, definitely act now. Oh, and grown folks (sans kids), let’s give the younger ones first crack at these. See below for your party details.


For those of you 18 and older, just a reminder that the first two Mainroom shows are both completely SOLD OUT, so there is only one more chance to catch the whole crew at First Ave this year. There are currently still tickets available to the Sunday night 18+ show right HERE. Get ‘em before they’re gone for good.


In other show news, Dessa and the band are taking off this Thursday for the next leg of the Parts of Speech Tour. They’ll be hitting the middle of America before making their way through Texas and wrapping up with a week of shows in the South. You can grab tickets and additional tour info right HERE. And now I’m going to temporarily hand the blog reigns over to Dessa for a very special tour announcement straight from the woman herself (denoted below in red). Take it away Coupon Man.

In two short days, the band and I will shove off for our last tour of 2013. Until then, I’ll be running a series of increasingly desperate errands in my increasingly rumpled pajamas.

 For this final leg of the Parts of Speech Tour, we’ll heading south, looping all the way through Florida and back again. This time though, we’ll be making some changes to our usual tour protocol. I’m proud to announce (drumroll) that I received a GreenNotes grant from Clif Bar; it’s a program that supports artists who aim to embed social change as part of their tours. I designed my initiative around the book The Omnivore’s Dilemma–a Michael Pollan text that really got under my skin. (Not-so-incidentally, we’re now reading that title in my book club, discussions go down every Thursday at noon Central, using the hashtag #lithop.)

 As this tour marches on, I’ll be stopping at farms, farmers markets, and coops to interview people with skin in the game, asking questions about sustainable ag–the benefits, the hurdles, and the controversies. I’ll be visiting a disciplined school for organic growers and a punk beekeeper. In exchange for their time, I’ll play a little set for each farmer–a stripped down tiny show in the greenhouse, farmhouse, or in the field. We’ll be documenting the whole thing with short videos, you can follow along daily at @dessadarling or check back here for Beak to post the highlights. The band and I will also try to eat one local meal a day, so if we’re visiting your city, holler at us with any restaurant suggestions. We’re all very excited to find out what the hell we’re doing.   — Dessa

dessa garden

Hahaha, love that Young Gardener pic. While Dessa and the band head down to warmer climates, those of us up north are preparing for the possibility of 2-4 inches of snow tonight. Which brings me to this brief public service announcement from the Doomtree Webstore (how’s that for a segue?): It’s getting much colder outside! You’re probably gonna want to wear warmer clothes, and coincidentally, we just restocked the webstore with tons of hoodies and sweatshirts! Click the images below to grab them.




BAM! The segue streak just reached insane new heights with that one. So proud. Alright, moving on. Just like we did last week, let’s get into another totally free BONUS JAM REMIX! Last Tuesday you heard Paper Tiger’s Polica remix and my Ginkgo remix. This week we’ve got another one from yours truly (Lazerbeak, duh). I got a chance to take it back to my early post-rock roots and remix the instrumental rock band Caspian. They’ve got a new EP dropping this month that will include this re-imagined “Halls of Summer” track. Really happy with how this one turned out. Check it out!

YouTube Preview Image

OK, that about does it for this week’s post. I’ll leave you with a special Halloween edition Bonus Penny Pic to satisfy the out-of-town family contingency. Here she is dressed up like a crazy stuffed owl, simultaneously greeting and terrifying all the trick-or-treaters in the neighborhood at the SAME DAMN TIME.

Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 9.11.41 AM

Haha, the best. She better enjoy all this solo attention while she can, because these twins are definitely on the way. Last Friday we got the ultrasound news that we’re officially having TWIN BWOYZ!!!!

Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 9.14.44 AM

SO INSANE. For some reason the thought of having TWO boys never even crossed my mind. We’re definitely gonna have our hands full. To celebrate the news, I’ll leave you with this classic “Two Princes” Spin Doctors video. Couldn’t really think of anything else that was more appropriately titled. I hope you all have a wonderful week. See you back here next Tuesday. Just go ahead now!

YouTube Preview Image

– Beak

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