Linking Up

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The satellite images show a lot of activity at Doomtree HQ this week. Paper Tiger has been working round the clock to finish a special Doomtree musical compilation for our art show at the Minnneapolis CO Gallery on the 26th of June. We’ll be presenting a decade of our own visual artwork and some selected pieces created by (pretty effing) … Read More

The Guthrie

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I’ve got a calendar full of red Xs indicating that the Cadence Hip Hop Series is almost upon us. This Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, I’ll be hosting a run of pretty effing cool performances at the Guthrie Theater. On May 5th, Maria Isa and M.anifest will perform. On My 6th, it’s Sims and Toki Wright. On May 7th, Matthew Santos … Read More

Feed Your Calendar

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Ok, let’s just have out with it. Lazerbeak is the only one of us with the temerity, discipline, and purity of character to blog on a regular basis. But, I’m determined to get my ass in gear and start contributing more regularly. Let’s start with some light fare: our schedule of upcoming shows. During my lap around the country with … Read More

Thank You

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Well, it’s the middle of the night, and my album is slated for official release tomorrow. My impulse is to write a long, lyrical ‘thank you’ note, but my other impulse is the pass the eff out. Splitting the difference: Hey Lazerbeak? Thanks. You and Ander have put so many hours into this thing. I owe you one, man. And … Read More

Video Premiere

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 The Current was kind enough to post a video for one of my new Boy Soprano songs. You can check it out here.  For those of you who preordered, see you tonight.  -Dess

(Pre) Sales Figures–Update

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Moments ago, I received the updated sales figures for my new album, A Badly Broken Code.  The bean counters at Doomtree’s HQ just submitted their final tally via certified airmail. They’ve clicked off their desk-lamps, leaned back in their chairs, and are now smoking in the semi-darkness of another endless dusk on the island where the Doomtree Main Office is … Read More