The Ides of March.

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If you’re in an unsigned but promising band, mid-March means South by Southwest. And SXSW means tens of thousands of musicians, reporters, and industry reps descend on Austin, Texas.  There are skinny jeans and taco stands and streets papered with handbills. Sunshine and lost bandmates,  high hopes and public intoxication, old friends and new lanyards. It’s like a cross between … Read More

Gig Getting.

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As part of my residence at McNally Smith College of Music in Saint Paul, a few times a year I lace up my finest pair of Chuck Taylors and deliver a presentation on campus. In January, I asked the bookers for two of Minneapolis’ best clubs to join me on stage to talk about what bands can do to get … Read More

Mike Mictlan – Prizefight


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