Massive thanks to everyone that came out on Saturday. We had an amazing evening, and it’s all because of you. Thanks also to the Triple Rock staff, who continue to put up with our shit for no good reason. If you couldn’t make it or didn’t pick up a copy of the record, Lights Out Paris is now available at … Read More

Lights Out Paris


It’s real now. It’s itchy on your neck. Lights Out Paris is ready to meet you face to face. Oh, you have no idea what you’ve gotten yourself into. We have put together TWO BIG SHOWS in celebration of Doomtree’s newest release Lights Out Paris by Andrew William Sims. Meet us at the Triple Rock Social Club this Saturday the … Read More

Madison & Chicago


If you happen to live in Madison or Chicago–and a lot of people do–come on out this week to see Sims and Power Struggle (Nomi & Deetalx formerly of Oddjobs). They’ll be at King’s Club in Madtown on Sunday the 19th, and at the Hot House in “a little town outside of Gary, Indiana” on Tuesday the 21st. You may … Read More

June Releases


June is apparently a big month to put out records. Apart from our general excitement about the new CDs from Lil’ Flip and Coldplay, Doomtree will be involved–in one way or another–with some of this month’s baddest local release parties. Check it: First off, Dessa will be performing this Thursday and Friday (the 16th & 17th) at the Bryant Lake … Read More

B-Girl Be Summit


Dessa will be performing tonight (Saturday) at the B-Girl Be Summit. It’s short notice, yes, but if you weren’t already aware of this event, welcome back from your missionary trip/hot air balloon trip/peyote trip. P.O.S and the Plastic Constellations will playing Monday the 6th at First Avenue. Headliners the Hold Steady have been shooting up the adult contemporary charts lately. … Read More

Congrats Dessa


Congrats go out to Dessa for getting that number one spot on Radio K, as well as a serious write-up in today’s Star-Tribune. Give her a pound and a hug at the T-Rock tomorrow. And don’t front on next weekend’s B-Girl Be Summit, where Dessa will be, uh, being.



Everyone’s favorite public radio station, KFAI, will be presenting Cecil and Dessa (OtterDarling) at the Triple Rock on Saturday the 28th. Presenting them with what we’re not sure, but we’re hoping it’s good. Not, like, a subpoena or something. On Tuesday the 31st, Fifth Element presents Essential Elements at the Dinkytowner. Sims, aside from performing, will be unleashing his new … Read More

Birthday Rapstravaganza


Last year for Dessa’s birthday we drank fortified wine under a bridge with a dog-eared copy of Johnathan Livingston Seagull. It was all right, but it was pretty much like every other year, so we thought we’d try something different this time. It so happens that Yoni from Medida is also celebrating a birthday. We talked him out of his … Read More

Vox Vermillion CD Release


So this past weekend was fun. Let’s do it again soon. How does this coming weekend sound? Really? Sweet. I figure it could go something like this: On Friday let’s go up to St. Cloud for the first day of the Eyes & Hands Festival. We’ll kick it with, like, Mel Gibson and the Pants, Ela, Building Better Bombs, and … Read More