Posted by Mike Mictlan on August 07, 2015

“I wrote this song way before Ferguson, way before Freddie Gray. I could feel the climate rising in our country with every video of police brutality posted on the Internet. I wrote this song for my friend Abdulle Elmi gunned down execution style in the streets of Toronto. But the biggest surprise was performing this song on tour with Doomtree and finding out that I also wrote this song for people I performed it to in every city who needed it more than me. I will continue to write these songs, not as a reaction but as a need. Stop The Violence.”

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— Mike Mictlan

Mike Mictlan “so so STRAYNGE”

Posted by Doomtree on January 08, 2015
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No Kings Tour Recap Video #5

Posted by Doomtree on February 13, 2012
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