"Dessa Remixed" Lipstick by The Elixery
"Dessa Remixed" Lipstick by The Elixeryweb_ingredients__49005.1416373972.1280.1280dessa_remixed__90487.1422116176.1280.1280dessa-qplusa

“Dessa Remixed” Lipstick by The Elixery



1. to mix (something) again. To produce a different version of (a musical recording) by altering the balance of the separate tracks.

noun: remix; plural noun: remixes
1. a different version of a musical recording produced by remixing.

The popular Dessa lipstick has been remixed! The same golden undertone shines through in a semi-opaque, deeper shade of red.

All eyes are on you in this dramatic warm brown-red named for the Doomtree Renaissance woman. It’s more earthy and unexpected than your basic red lip – the ultimate cool-girl color. Semi-opaque finish. Lightly vanilla scented.

Dessa photo courtesy of Q+A

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