False Hopes Eight: Deity For Re-Hire – Mike Mictlan


A native to South Central Los Angeles, and current resident of Minneapolis, Mike Mictlan’s style bridges the two cities & scenes. Working with producers from both neighborhoods, and recording in both area codes, Mictlan put together 13 tracks for his Deity for Re-Hire False Hopes. Featuring production by Lazerbeak, DJ Rich Rok, and MneMonic


1. Euthanasia
2. Ichi the Killer
3. Seventy Seven
4. Marq'd 4 Death
5. Soul Survivor
6. …The End
7. S.M.D.P.
8. Rap Cash
9. The Bigger They…
10. Re-Evolve
11. Hey Mike!
12. FortyFive Angle
13. Megablast

Product Description

Out of print. Available as an MP3 download.