Earlier this year, Dessa performed two very sold-out shows with the Grammy-winning Minnesota Orchestra. Sarah Hicks, Principal Conductor of Live at Orchestra Hall, conducted the program—17 of Dessa’s strongest songs, ambitiously rearranged by musician and composer Andy Thompson. The concerts were held in downtown Minneapolis’ Orchestra Hall, a striking venue with an unmistakable acoustic design. The venue was fitted with an array of suspended microphones to capture the performances, and the resulting live record Sound the Bells: Recorded Live at Orchestra Hall , released by Doomtree Records on November 8, 2019.


After a six-month break from the road, Shredders are back with the announcement of their sophomore album Great Hits. Written and recorded in a similar fashion to Dangerous Jumps, Great Hitsfinds the the four-piece gelling in ways only two decades of friendship can achieve. The production is crisper than ever as Lazerbeak and Paper Tiger combine forces and take on genres outside of the typical hip-hop scope. Lead single "Suburban Base" is an ode to the breakneck drum n' bass that Paper Tiger grew up on, and "Vanilla ISIS" connects with the house and dance music that Lazerbeak has gravitated towards over the years. All the while, Sims and P.O.S lock into a frenetic pace, trading bars as quickly as they do pop culture references, and putting a clinic of cadence and wordplay. The result is the first truly cohesive Shredders album. What started as a loose side project has morphed into a full-fledged band firing on all cylinders. And if Great Hits is any indication, they're just getting warmed up.


Luther finds Beak stripping every sound back to its individual core. Seven meticulously slow-building and expansive instrumental meditations that ebb and flow with a newfound patience and restraint rarely seen from the producer. The album title – a simultaneous tip of the hat to Beak’s all-time favorite singer, Luther Vandross, as well as his four-year-old son lovingly given the same name – is a reflection of this boiled-down, reflective approach. Inspired largely by his new life as a family man and a recent deep dive into all things mindfulness, self wellness, and gratitude, Luther thrives on ambient atmospherics, gentle melodies, and carefully-crafted percussion to create its own pulsing sonic universe.

ULTRA SUEDE - Ultra Suede

Ultra Suede is a collective of sorts, music & art at its roots, production team as branches, but also a commune of ideas under the umbrella of its symbol, protection. The point is to create an atmosphere of creativity and build a community. Its purpose is to create & cultivate an environment of culture. It is a protected place for artists & thinkers to collaborate & grow. Protection X Connection.


Paper Tiger & J Gundersen are CLOQUET.

6666 - Four Fists

Four Fists knows how to keep a promise; it just might take them, like, seven years to do it. After initially releasing a debut 7’’ back in 2013, the duo finally release the full-length they set out to make long before life took a hold of them both.

Artería Verité - Sims, Air Credits & ICETEP

Rap music from the near and bleak future; or more aptly, from next week’s dystopia. Artería Verité is a concept album that ended up being more future-realist than conceptual.

Parades – Longshot & Lazerbeak

MC Longshot and Lazerbeak collaborate on this 14-track LP

Chime - Dessa

Dessa’s third full-length album Chime (Doomtree Records) has been praised as one of NPR Music’s Favorite Albums of 2018. The opening track “Ride” is noir, mean, sexy; “Fire Drills” was crafted from a snippet of an iPhone field recording Dessa made in Turkey; “Half of You” is infectious, up-tempo pop; “5 out of 6” features a unusual looping riff that gives way to a gale-force chorus that begins, I’m the phoenix…and the ash. Chime showcases Dessa at her finest—she’s fierce and tender, deft, and passionately curious.

Dangerous Jumps - Shredders

Dangerous Jumps is the debut album from the four-piece SHREDDERS: P.O.S and Sims on the raps, Lazerbeak and Paper Tiger on the beats.

All Hands - Doomtree

Both the catchiest and densest album in the group's catalog, All Hands adeptly walks a tightrope of immediately memorable hooks and in-depth lyricism that rewards repeated listens. The result is equally worthy of up-to-11 trunk-rattling drives as it is late-night headphone sessions.

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Chill, dummy – P.O.S

P.O.S steps even further into genre-blurring territory with Chill, dummy, his first official release with Doomtree Records since the release of his debut album Ipecac Neat. The album reflects on the past three years since a near-fatal kidney transplant sidelined him from making music and deals with the the difficulties of trying to maintain peace of mind and navigate through a confusing world, which is becoming increasingly more alienating. P.O.S’ production fingerprints are all over this one as he maneuvers through a wide range of sprawling beats contributed by himself, usual suspects Lazerbeak and Ryan Olson, and newcomers Cory Grindberg and Makr. Several friends touch down along the way to offer up biting commentary and varying points of view (Allan Kingdom, Astronautalis, Kathleen Hanna, Justin Vernon, Open Mike Eagle, Busdriver, and Lady Midnight, to name a few), but the album never suffers from an oversaturation of scattered voices, instead using everyone’s individual ethos and strengths to build a unifying call to arms. The result is P.O.S’ most bold, honest, and daring work to date, so Chill, dummy.

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Cecil Otter – Dear Echo
Dessa – Quinine”

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