June Releases


June is apparently a big month to put out records. Apart from our general excitement about the new CDs from Lil’ Flip and Coldplay, Doomtree will be involved–in one way or another–with some of this month’s baddest local release parties. Check it:

First off, Dessa will be performing this Thursday and Friday (the 16th & 17th) at the Bryant Lake Bowl in honor of the New CD from New MC and the Boyz aka Kanser. Ooh! Then, on Saturday the 18th, the whole Doomtree crew will be down at First Ave to help the Soviettes make their LPIII release show one to remember (or not remember, if that’s how you do). Later that evening Sims will be down at RSE Radio (KFAI 90.3/106.7) to talk about his new record, play some songs, and spin around in a chair until Siddiq grabs him by the shoulders and shakes the shit out of him.

And then… June 25th! The Triple Rock! Two shows! Sims Lights Out Paris CD release! Bah! Oh man you gotta be there.

p.s. If you missed out on last year’s Mictlan False Hopes 8: Deity for Hire, we’re whipping up a new batch complete with exclusive new songs and hidden messages in anticipation of his upcoming full-length. Just watch for the sign and get them while you can.