Scribble Jam


Scribble Jam is upon us. That’s where we’ll be all weekend. We play on Friday, but other than that we’ll just be bumming around. If you are planning on being in Cincinnati, stop by our booth and we’ll make you a hat out of a newspaper.

Seeing as the trip to Ohio is a relatively long drive, we’re leaving Wednesday and stopping in Chicago to, oh, I don’t know… murder a hot show!? (and take an audio walking tour of the 1893 world’s fair grounds.) I Self Devine, Psalm One w/ DJ Spontaneous, and the Doomtree Players Revue will be convening at the Abbey Pub at 8pm on Wednesday for an 18+ show. It’s I Self’s first show in the Big Windy since releasing his new album this past week, so it should be a serious par-tay.

Oh, and when we get back we’ll be kicking off the resurrection of Hip Hop Wednesdays at the Gastof. ‘Member back in the day when we all used to wile out at the Keller bar, drinkin’ brews outta a cowboy boot? It seems like it was only a year and a half ago. That’s where we met your mother. Anyways, we’ll all be there with Jessy Greene, gettin’ piggy back rides from the accordian guy. That’s the 17th. I think it’s 21+. End Transmission beep-oo-bop.