Been a minute. Sorry. So what’s news…

Thanks to all who came out Wednesday for the hurricane relief benefit show at First Ave. Yo!theMovement raised a nice hunk of loot. Way to go.

As for shows we haven’t already played, tonight P.O.S is at CMJ with the rest of the Rhymesayers camp for their artist showcase at Irving Plaza. The show starts at 8:00. Good luck getting in.

Sims and Mictlan will be at Grumpy’s (downtown) on Sunday for a barbecue.They’ll be playing songs, but something tells me they’ll be more focused on eating as many tater tots as possible. Things kick off over there at 4pm.

On Thursday the 22nd we’ll be at the Varsity Theater for City Pages’ 26th birthday bash. Mel Gibson & the Pants and Vicious Vicious will be performing as well. It’s at 9:00 and it’s free. Free! And there’s nothing unfresh about it. The Varsity? Fresh. City Pages? So fresh. MGTP? Vicious Vicious? Doomtree? Friggity.

Dessa will be joining Jessy Greene at the Bryant Lake Bowl on Friday the 23rd. Come on down for an intimate evening of bowling, music, maybe some wine, and then who knows? We’ll just go where whimsy leads us, won’t we?

In other news, we just shot a video to be included as an extra on P.O.S’ upcoming album. Thanks to all the rappers and DJs and friends that came down and jumped around all night. That was fun. We should do it again.

Beginning tomorrow (Sat.) you can see the Doomtree Dolls on display over at ROBOTlove. If that didn’t make sense: Play With Yourself Custom Dolls made kickass dolls based on everyone in Doomtree. They’re pretty amazing. ROBOTlove is right on Lyndale and 27th in Uptown. Those guys are also pretty amazing.

And that’s the end of my story.