Less than a week until the Doomtree Blowout! We’re keeping busy over here to insure that it’s the hottest shit ever. Just wanted to illuminate a few things for you and yours:

Hi-fives to anybody that checked out RSE Radio last night. Some of us dropped through for a bit, and it was fun as usual until Sims was shot eight times in the lobby of KFAI by members of Heiruspecs’ entourage. He’s doing well though, and sales of Lights Out Parishave tripled overnight. If you missed it there are still a couple of chances to check us out on the radio this week. Dessa will be on the Current tonight for the Local Show with Chris Roberts (5 PM. 89.3 FM). And then on Saturday the 10th most of the crew will be listing off their favorite colors and foods at the Beatbox on Radio K (Noon-2 PM. 770 AM/106.5 FM).

The giveaways are gonna be fresh. Aside from Doomtree hooking you up with gearultra-rare crap, and a Benz (yeah, a Benz), we’ve got some of our friends and favorites in the business world ponying up their goods. Like how ’bout, oh I don’t know, a $150 tattoo from Poohki at Steady Tattoo!? Holy mother! And how about decks and gear from our homies at CalSurf!? And gift certificates from everybody’s favorite coffee spot Muddy Waters!? These ain’t no half-assed giveaways, that’s for sure.

And we can’t forget that life goes on after the Blowout. On Sunday the 11th, somehow SimsDessa, and Mictlan will find it in them to wipe the blowout from their eyes and head to Duluth. They’re gonna be rocking Pizza Luce with Omaur BlissYoni, and Silent Army. That’ll be interesting. And awesome.