The Blowout is tomorrow night. Good God! No time for a lengthy update, as we’re busy making last-minute magic. Got to meet with the caterer and get the stains out of Cecil’s rent-a-tux, among many other things.

We’ve added a few giveaways: Our homies at ROBOTlove are going to be hooking you up with their crazy-ass toys and whatnot, and the Fifth Element has put together a big old bag of rap goodies. Forget Doomtree, the free crap is reason enough to go to this show.

The giveaways are going down at about 11:30, so make sure you’re there if you want to win something. Who doesn’t want to win something? I’ll tell you who, the terrorists.

Word to the City Pages, the Pulse, the Onion, the Star Trib, and the Pioneer Press—all of whom saw fit to big-up the Blowout this week. We got your backs, local press.

And with that, we’ll see you all tomorrow night. It’s gonna be stupid.