Rock for Roe! Dessa will be playing two shows tomorrow at the Triple Rock with a whole bunch of other top-notch acts. You should go. Or not. Really, it’s up to you. Check out the whole lineup here. And for more, read the A-List here.

Dessa will also play Thursday (whoops) at the Annex, opening for Pigeon John. The show will feature several other rappers and djs, including our think-you-better-show-me homies Nomi and Yoni. Check SHOWS for more…

Don’t forget, the mother of all weekends is upon us. Grab your fanny pack and a Gatorade, ‘cuz it’s gonna get nuts. Here’s the basic breakdown (head to the SHOWS page for all the details):

Friday we got the Plastic Constellations‘ record release shows. Doomtree squad will be in full posse mode by the bar, but SimsCecilMike, and Dessa with be taking the party to the stage for both shows. Plus, everybody else on both bills will kick your face’s ass. TPC has been planning this thing for a minute. You don’t want to miss it.

On Saturday, we got Sims and Toki Wright opening for AWOL ONE at the Dinkytowner. You know you can’t beat the beat.

On Sunday why don’t you take a day off? You’ve earned it. Watch a DVD. Rest up. You’ll need to be fresh for…

The P.O.S Audition Record Release Show Featuring Special Guests-aganza. Nothing else needs to be said about that georgia peach.