This Friday (the 17th), All in-town Doomtree will be playing a very special, very private party. Many of you are our friends (or we would like you to be), and we want to invite you to this soiree, but we either don’t know how to get ahold of you, or we haven’t gotten the chance. If you want to go (and you do) send an email to [email protected] asap. Even if you’ve already got plans, this thing is going laaaate, and there’s nothing cooler than having an after-party on your schedule.

On Saturday (the 18th) Doomtree plays the Varsity Theater with Mel Gibson and the Chaps and SnakebirddogDaylight and the Faculty will be breaking, Siloette (NYC) will be painting, and you will be dancing and drinking.
9:00. 21+. Friggity Free.28 FEBRUARY 2006