Tour Wrap Up


The Dudes are making their way back through the great plains as we speak. Morale is high, and the tour is scheduled to return to Mpls at 6:01pm Sunday in a magnificent explosion of light and feathers. We couldn’t be more excited. In fact, there are still some tickets available to the grand homecoming/family reunion. This is not a night to play Balderdash and eat Top the Tater with a spoon. This is, rather, strictly unmissable. Some of your favorite moments will surely include: Doomtree performing the entire second half of Grease in full costume, with a break-out debut by Lazerbeak as Rizzo; we feed the world’s largest Jello shot to a horse; Sims bought a PogoBall, which he is getting really good at; fire spinners accompanied by heavy industrial techno during “Intermission 4.” Sunday. 6pm. First Avenue Mainroom. $8/$10. All MF Ages. It’s a celebration. Expect sudden bursts of giggling, singing, and feel free to get in on rounds of Crack the Whip.

P.O.S is Ruining Your Newspaper Hat, as well as College Music Journalism on a whole.

Dessa just met up with the tour for the final shows, and you can still catch her on a couple of dates: March 23 at Gabe’s Oasis. 330 Washington Street, Iowa City, IA. $7. and March, 24 2006 at The Aquarium (second floor). 226 Broadway, Fargo, ND. $7

Stay tuned for Cecil Otter tour dates. He’ll be on your couch sooner than you think…