Updates for that Azz


NebraskansSims will be joining DJ Abilities and Jimmy2Times in Omaha on Sunday at the Sokol Underground.

Paper Tiger will be playing this month’s Essential Elements along with 11 of the city’s finest non-tiger DJ’s this Tuesday (the 30th) at the Dinkytowner. Nobody beats the Biz.

P.O.S is hitting the road again in July.

Details for these shows and others can be found at the SHOWS page.

Audition is now available on vinyl (2xLP). Buy it now at fifthelementonline. If you play it backwards, it sounds like shit, and you’re going about this music appreciation thing all wrong.

Congrats to P.O.S on winning Best Songwriter in the City Pages Best of the Twin Cities issue a couple weeks back. Apparently no one told them that rap all sounds the same.

We are all working our azzes off on new music, so please excuse us if we seem distant.