The Weekend!


Hark! The weekend! She approaches!

Saturday’s Hip Hop n’ Harmony festival is a couple of days away, and it promises to be one of the most memorable experiences of your young life. Not only will you be communing with nature (and probably plenty of Natural Ice™), but you’ll experience first-hand some of the best underground rap music in the entire universe. That, and you’re likely to see Cecil Otter without a shirt on.

If you are still having reservations, know this: Saturday is probably the only time this summer that all five Doomtree emcees will share the stage. And we all know what happens when that happens. If you’ve never seen it before, imagine five fists thrust into the air, dramatically summoning Captain Planet to come pick up your litter. In other words, it’s gonna be intense.

There are still some tickets available. Check Fifth Element, The Electric Fetus, Mindstate Distribution or online at You’ll save some scratch if you get ’em beforehand.

Check back next week for a review of the show, a listing our new spirit animals, and a synopsis of our campaign to emancipate Sage Francis’ pic-i-nic basket.


Look maw, we done made the local news. KARE 11 here in Minneap just did an “Extra” on protest music, and thought Doomtree fit the bill. You can watch it here. If you happen to be some hot-shot who doesn’t have the time, or just some poor sap what can’t view a Windows Media file, here’s a quick summary: Bob Dylan invented protest music, then passed the torch to us and the Dixie Chicks. That’s what it says in my Funk & Wagnalls, anyway.

P.O.S plays the grand opening of the new Guthrie on Sunday (9:30. All Ages. $10). Settle in with a white zin, stroke your chin hair, and explain to yourself how this music is indirectly informed by the summer that Pierre Schaeffer split a timeshare with Debbie Harry and a bunch of gang members.

Dessa will be leaving the country during July for about a month. She does that sometimes. If you don’t see her around, don’t worry about it. She’s drinking home-made booze out of a coconut in a clay hut.