3 Weeks 'til the Blowout

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P.O.S and Turbo‘s run with Minus the Bear has ended without incident. They were, however, left by the side of the road in northern California as soon as the tour ended this weekend. So we put the best man for the job, Cecil Otter, on a plane to go get our boys and bring them home. He’s rented a Miata, and the three of them are beginning their long trek back across the western states. To kill time on the long journey they will be doing several shows, starting tonight in Eugene, Oregon. Check the SHOWS page for listings of their other scheduled pee-breaks.

Sims is gearing up to help celebrate the release of The Careless Flame, the ridiculous new album by our kissing cousins Kill the Vultures. DJ Nikoless will be there too, celebratin’. Thursday, November 16. 7th St. Entry. 9:00pm. 18+. Sponsored by Moonshine™.

The Blowout is less than three weeks away. Do you have your tickets yet? Might want to think about that, huh? Check back this week for an expansive-ass update on the festivities.