Blowout Wrapup


Needless to say, last night was one of the best of our lives. Thank you to everyone who came to hang out with us. We’ll post a more thorough recap/thank you in a bit, but for now we just wanted to let you know:

It ain’t over.
Doomtree Blowout Jr.
December 16th.
Triple Rock Social Club.
5pm. $8.
20 and under ONLY!

That’s correct. For all of you under-agers who caught feelings over the 18+ Blowout, don’t think we weren’t going to give you any love. We’re doing it up on the west bank Doomtree style, and if you’re 21 or over, forget about it. Doomtree is for the children.


Oh man, the Blowout’s friggin’ tomorrow! Hope everyone’s ready. Just want to remind y’all of a few things:

  1. Unless you enjoy missing out on things, get there early. We can’t stress this enough.
  2. Bring your old coats to donate to PSP.
  3. Doomtree will make two eleventh hour radio appearances today. First from 3-5 on 770 Radio K, and then sometime between 6 and 8 on 91.1 MPR (Publiic radio keeps ’em guessin’). Check below for URLs if you’re not in the Twin Cities, or if you miss it. No time to link. Must…Get….Ready….To…..Blooooooowout.

See you tomorrow.