Hip Hop & Harmony Festival Cancelled

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Despite what you may have heard or read, this year’s Hip Hop & Harmony festival is cancelled. Don’t go to Harmony Park this weekend. There is nothing for you there. Stay home. There is undoubtedly a patch of woods near your house where you can go eat mushrooms and juggle a stick, then get to sleep in your own bed. It all works out.

If, however, you would still like to get a little Doomtree action this weekend, all is not lost.

Tonight is Toki Wright’s Meal Plan CD release show at the Turf Club. Dessa will be playing a set right before Toki. Yay Toki. 21+. Oh, say $6?

Tomorrow night is the Goddamn Doo-Wop Band’s tour kick-off at the Hexagon. Cecil Otter (aka Motherfucking Rapper Dude) will be playing a set right before GDDWB. FREE. 21+.

Also tomorrow night, Dessa will be sitting in with Jessy Greene and the men of Heiruspecs at the Dakota. 9pm. $3. 21+ (pretend to be grownups).

Also tomorrow night, Sims will be hanging out at the Uptown to see Digitata, Mystery Palace, and Solid Gold. He’s not actually performing, but can be easily persuaded to battle you on the sidewalk (as long as you’re really drunk, needlesly beligerent, and you approach him while he’s talking to a girl).

Mark ya calendaz: the whole crew is throwing a jam at the Turf Club on Friday, July 13th. More on that to come…