Yes, it’s been a few days, and we apologize, but that’s how long the aftermath takes.

Thank you to everyone that came down to the Blowout. We had (yet again) a simply retaaahded good time. Hopefully you did as well.

This year has been a crazy one for the Doomtree clan, and we thank all of you old-schoolers and die-hards for sticking it out with us. Trust that we’re sticking it out as well (__________), and rest (very comfortably) assured that 2008 will hold a wealth of new Doomtree material, tours, ringtones, and gossip. It’s all about to go down. Perhaps the contraction in that last sentence didn’t convey the intended message: It is all about to go down.

Ok, We’d like to individually thank the parties that very literally made this year’s Blowout happen, and we’d like to do that now:

Big Trouble, Roma di Luna, DJ Snuggles & Tristan, Beatrix JAR, Gay Witch Abortion, Espada, Mike 2600, Bitch Ass Darius, Maria J, Daylight et al, Toki, Cres, Mayda Miller, Aby Wolf, Megan Carruth, JoAnna James, Jessy Greene, Monique Rondeau, Eric Newberg, Rich Rok, James Lynch (and the Cleric crew), Flouf, Stu, That Guy, River, Eric Inks, Diana, Kaitlin, Brady, Sarah, Ander, Isaac A, Isaac G, Ryan O, Paul W, Kevin, Conrad, Randy, Tiffany, Pete, Nate, Sonia, and all staff at First Avenue,, the Current, N.I.P, Springboard for the Arts, Radio K.

Thank you all.