We're Working Hard™


What up what up. Been a minute. But let it be known, We’re Workin’ Hard™. Be patient. It’ll all pay off very very soon. In the meantime, you may be interested to know:

This Friday Mictlan, Sims, and Paper Tiger will all be taking work off in observance of Dre Day. As they do every year, the Burlesque guys are throwing a massive party in honor of the Good Doctor. This year, though, promises to take the cake; expect all the usual revelry, but at First Ave (bigger), and with the aid of OG NWA member Arabian Prince (better). Yowch. 2/22. 8PM. $8/$10. 21+. First Ave. With Plain Ole Bill and Jimmy2Times.

If you hadn’t noticed, we’ve added several new items to the STORE. Buy a CD. Listen to it. If you like it, come back and buy a shirt so you can let everyone know how much you liked the CD. And buy a poster to remind yourself. They’re perfect for bouncing tennis balls off of, or for covering karate holes in drywall.

Also, we’ll be making the trip to the SXSW Music & Handicrafts Fair in Austin, TX next month. We’ll let you know soon of when and where to catch us. Or just ask the coolest looking dude you see out there. He’ll know (because he’s Mike Mictlan).

OK. We’ll check back in soon. In the meantime, stay strong.