SXSW Update


If driving from the East to the West (or vice versa) is considered driving cross-country, what is it called when you drive from the North to the South? Don’t know that I’ve heard a term for it, but it should probably remain nameless, as a trek like that should occur only under very specific, personally important, and occassional circumstances–not on some “Hey, let’s blow this shit town and drive South” business. That doesn’t sound right at all. As fate would have it, though, one such circumstance has arisen.

In a matter of hours, the Doomtree crew will pile into a van and point it directly South. And assuming our calculations are correct, the curvature of the Earth will allow us to coast downhill for some 20 hours until we wake from our dreamless sleep deep in the heart of Texas.

America, we will see you in Austin. Bring plenty of hi-fives and weed, because we’re going to need it.

Also, there are new photos (cutest fucking cats yet) and new music (no such thing) at the media pavilion. Enjoy.

We’re workin’ hard, so give us our space.