Hand Over Fist Tomorrow!!!

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It is going down. “Hand Over Fist,” the debut full length from
Doomtree’s very own Mike Mictlan and Lazerbeak, will be released to the
masses tomorrow. It is overflowing with 13 ultimate lava bangers.
Seriously, we are talking heat knocker after heat knocker. Believe

Click the link below to check out these five promo videos the guys shot
in anticipation for this big day. Legend Recognize Legend.


And don’t forget about the insane party that will be going on this
Sunday to celebrate this momentous release.

Sunday 9/28/08 18+ $7.00
7th St. Entry Minneapolis, MN
Hand Over Fist CD Release Party
Mike Mictlan + Lazerbeak
Big Quarters
Mr. (Toki) Wright
F. Stokes (Chicago)