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After a week in paper bracelets, Doomtree has returned from South by Southwest. We tried new sodas, made new friends, hunted for outlets, crashed the network, found the van, slept in strange places, posed for a couple pictures and snapped some of our own.

Our showcase at the Back Alley Social was a signature DTR performance–five emcees and a DJ mashed onto a bite-sized stage passing mics, bearing teeth, and sweating through our t-shirts. Packed house. Austin, you couldn’t have been kinder.

Cecil Otter made an elegant entrance into the Strange Famous stage this weekend. His set–of mostly Rebel Yellow material–left the crowd in awe and fascination. Par for the course. We couldn’t have been prouder of our Otter.

P.O.S was mentioned in the New York [expletive deleted] Times. One of the best live shows of SXSW, according to our fancy friends. When you’re right, you’re right.

What if you weren’t able to make the 24-hour drive to Texas? To simulate the SXSW experience, put on a pair of old gym socks, get into a Dodge Neon with five or six of your friends, stop by the Memorial Blood center downtown, give a couple pints, and shotgun a sugar-free Red Bull. When you’re back in the car, sit beside your best friend, both of you with iPods in hand. She plays Bon Iver, you play the Cool Kids–each of you trade one earbud. Drive to Demoines. Three times. Then stop by one of the following shows, featuring a DTR artist. It’ll feel just like Austin.

March 26
DESSA at The Dinkytowner.

March 27
CECIL OTTER at the 7th Street Entry, headlining an all-ages show.
CECIL OTTER at the Mainroom, performing before Sage Francis.

A DOOMTREE Party to celebrate SIMS’ FALSE HOPES 14 CD RELEASE at the Triple Rock.

For details, check out the shows page.