Checking In and Checking Out.

DessaDessa, News

Hello fair friends. 

My, what a whirlwind these past few months have been. A whirlwind of modest successes and minor frustrations, of vehicular travel, of music and of friendship all the attendant thrills and heartbreaks. 
Doomtree went on tour. As Doomtree is wont to do, we went left: hit the West Coast top to bottom. We were largely impressed by the generosity of the many fine folks who came out to listen and say hello. 
I drove the van sometimes. More importantly, I did not crash the van at all. 
On returning to Minneapolis, my friends Lazerbeak and MK Larada helped me sequence my new record. It’s a full-length and it’s about 10 years overdue, I know. 
At least three nights a week we conspire in the wee hours of the morning to plot and plan for the release. These meetings are full of light beers and agitated whispering and sketches on napkins. With any luck, we’ll have a release date to announce sometime soon. 
In the meantime, I am headed to BROOKLYN. This Thursday, Paper Tiger and I will play at Union Pool. If you live within…oh, a thousand miles, I hope you’ll come out. The venue is unfuckwithable, beautiful stage, beautiful lights, no pretension. It’s on the corner of Union and Meeker. 21+. 8 reasonable dollars. 
Until the next transmission,