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Hello there and welcome to my new weekly Doomtree blog, “Tuesdays With Lazerbeak” (kind of like “Tuesdays With Morrie,” shout to Oprah’s Book Club). Gonna post every Tuesday with an update on what I’m working on, what I’m into, what kinds of food I have consumed out of crockpots, etc. First blog attempt ever, so go easy on me.

Three Reasons I Am Losing My Edge


1. I actually really like the new Kid Cudi record. Never really  got  into that “Day N Nite” joint but the rest of the production and  melodies on this record are pretty awesome. Can’t believe I’m admitting this, but I would much rather listen to this than the  new M.O.P. record.


2. I got semi furious when I found out that Mike’s Hard Raspberry Lemonade is only produced seasonally and won’t be in stores any longer. In the past month I have drank way more of these than actual beers, although I still haven’t gotten up the nerve to ask for one at the bar.



3. The Essential Luther Vandross Collection is dominating both my car stereo and my iTunes play count. Not one bad track on that double disc. “If This World Were Mine” owns so hard.  Rest in peace to a true legend.


Other News
I am finally making a solo record. As of right now it will consist of 11 songs and I am singing on most of them (no raps, don’t worry). We tracked most of the vocals last month and are in the process of putting together some horn and string players as well as a choir of angels for some of the tracks (because auto tune was recently deaded by Hov if you hadn’t heard).  If everything goes as planned I’m trying to have all the music mixed by the end of the year.  Keep you posted.

Thanks for bearing with me on this first blog dealy, I know I’m about ten years late to the party. I predict that next Tuesday I will be raving about the Vikings absolutely slaughtering the Packers on Monday Night Football. Pleezbaleevit.

– Beak