And The Winner Is……

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For some reason I have been trying to keep our website politics free, which has proven difficult with the ongoing HealthCare “debate”, that has become an orgy of media dictatorship and an embarrassingly ugly and childish discourse but this was just too much today. President Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize to this reaction:

Wow.  These people are so conflicted. I really believe they are the most hypocritical, confused and generally lost group in politics…. possibly in the world.  See those people high-five-ing? I can’t see a more clear cut example of their bullshit.  You can read these reactions from US and World leaders that the mediocre at best Washington Post  published here… positive and congratulatory from the rest of the world, here… not so much. Shit, dude. I hope Glenn Beck and the Tea-Baggers choke.

This article is good too.

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Alright that’s it for today…back to NASA bombing the moon.