Dessa in Duluth.


I’m writing with a characteristically light-night announcement about an uncharacteristically early performance this evening.

At 7 p.m. tonight, I’ll be speaking at Saint Scholastica in Duluth. The topic of the address: “Hip Hop and Human Dignity.” The address of the topic: 2100 Kenwood Ave. I’ll be in the lecture hall in the main auditorium. Tickets are five dollars. Singles would be great—we’re running low.

In addition to speaking, I’ll also be singing and rapping. I’ll be punning because I do that when I get nervous. I’ll be sneezing because I have the perma-sniffles. I think I’ll be answering questions from the audience–let’s keep it PG-13.

In all earnestness, I’m really looking forward to tonight’s discussion about hip hop—the way it moves our culture, and our bodies, and our dollars. I’ve got some old questions, some new questions, and few answers I’ve found on stage, backstage, and in the tour van. With any luck, I’ll see you there.