Paper TigerNews, Paper Tiger

Man, April has been such a crazy month, and I have been on more airplanes than I can even remember, but it has been great. Here is a short re-cap of the things that went down for me.



I just recently finished my first full length album, and because of that I was in NYC for a few days shooting some photos for the artwork with my friend Billy Phelps.

It was a great time, and the work turned out amazing. More info on the record soon.


After being home from NY for a few days me and the whole crew flew out to Los Angeles for the legendary Paid Dues concert.

That was super fun, I got to see some great acts, I was standing about 30 or so feet from Ice Cube at one point, and all together it was amazing.

After the show I hung out with some friends for a while, and pretty much went skateboarding everyday, and ate amazing mexican food.



Then it was time to head to Florida. I DJed a good friend of mine’s wedding, and his real name is actually James Brown.

That was super fun, then I hung out for a few days in South Beach (which they call SOBE, and I think that is stupid).

Miami, is a place I have never been, and it is pretty much what you would expect. I drove a scooter all day and got a little sunburn. All good things.

Now I am home and loving it, keep your eyes and ears open for a few new 20 Min Mixes I will be dropping soon.