Call for Doomtree Art

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Hello Doom listeners.

In a departure from our primary medium, Doomtree is going 2D. We’ve been invited by a Minneapolis gallery to throw a little art show, and we’re rising to the challenge.

If you happen to be a visual artist who’s painted, drawn, knitted, or baked a project depicting Doomtree artists, we may just be interested in displaying your work. We might even be able to offer it for sale if you like. (Fair warning: galleries take a pretty healthy cut of art sales, and Doomtree may also try to pay a stipend of some sort to the folks who help us out. Short story long, this is probably not an opportunity to make huge money. But still.)

If you’d like to submit work, here’s the protocol: email a clear photo of the artwork to [email protected]. Please use the subject line “Art Show Submission.” Let us know the size of the piece, the approx weight (for mailing), and the medium
Include your name, contact information, and whether or not you’d like to sell the piece. If so, please list your sale price.

We’ll check out all the submissions and contact you if we can display your work. The deadline for submission is May 25th.

Thank you, in advance, for spending the paint/ink/yarn on us.