Linking Up

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The satellite images show a lot of activity at Doomtree HQ this week. Paper Tiger has been working round the clock to finish a special Doomtree musical compilation for our art show at the Minnneapolis CO Gallery on the 26th of June. We’ll be presenting a decade of our own visual artwork and some selected pieces created by (pretty effing) talented fans. Fora an interview with the gallery curator, click¬†here.

Meanwhile, Made Like Us (Paper’s full-length debut) is getting a bit of well deserved attention from the blogosphere. If you’re the calendar-keeping type, make sure to mark the release date. July 27th. It’s gonna be a party. Two words: Doomtree Karaoke.

Lazerbeak, P.O.S, and I recently accompanied Sims to one of the final studio sessions for his full-length record. We argued about snare drums, back-up vocals, and asked Joe to turn up sounds he’d just turned down. In the middle of the afternoon, a reporter from Kare 11 came by and shot a bit of candid footage. If you’d like to check out the awe-inspiring informality of a Doomtree recording session, you can do so here.

A couple of weeks ago, a invited me to select a book for the literary forum on their site. (This warrants a pause in the action to thank MTV for maintaining a literary forum on their site.) I picked a book of essays by one of the writers I most admire, David Foster Wallace. My interview is posted here. The photo was taken by Isaac Gale, last-minute, in a hotel lobby in Pheonix. He’s a monster with a camera/jumprope/fur-lined hat.

In personal news, I moved into a new apartment this week. Big ups to Lazerbeak, Sims, and Ander for hefting furniture down three flights of stairs, and then up another three flights ofstairs. I don’t know how people without rap crews get anything done.

Oh, and thanks to Dad to. Don’t forget it’s Father’s Day tomorrow. (Hot tip: Dads love grilling in a Classic Doomtree Tee this year.)