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So the art show opening on Saturday ended up being a complete and total success.  We worked like crazy down til the very last minute, but when it was all said and done I have to say that we pulled it off like true art show champs.  Cross another one off the list.  Can’t begin to thank Paper and MK enough for the beyond ridiculous amount of man hours they put into this thing.  Below is a sort of before and after look at how the whole thing came together.  The lamer looking photos are taken from my phone, and the awesome end result photos are by our friend Zoe Prinds-Flash.

art show pre

art show pre 2

art show wall

art show wall 2

standards mixtape

art show entrance

art show fancy

mpc art show

mpc art show 2

art show raps

I love that my MPC was actually resting on a pedestal, encased in glass.  Dream come true.  If you weren’t able to make it down on Saturday, the show is still running all the way through next month at CO Exhibitions in NE Minneapolis (Stinson and Broadway).  I think it is open to the public every day from 12:00 – 5:00, so go check it out if you have a little time.  I definitely took a major trip down memory lane looking back at all the stuff we’ve had our hands in over the last eight years.  Pretty awesome stuff.  A huge thanks to everyone at CO and Burlesque for all the help and support in making sure this thing went down.  We should have a bunch of the exclusive limited merch that was for sale on Saturday up on the webstore by the end of the week for you out-of-towners.  Keep you posted on that.

In other news, I recently finally discovered the joys of going to a mall and shopping for gear with your ultimate homies.  I’ve always kind of hated clothes shopping and have mostly stuck to Target for my white tees, jeans, and hoodies (Hanes all day).  I’m gonna be turning 28 next month though and decided that it might finally be appropriate to stop wearing comped Doomtree tees all the time and up my grown man fashion status a bit.  So last week a bunch of us (known here on out as Mall Bros) descended upon the Mall of America in the pursuit of getting laced.  I had an awesome time!  Gone was the uncomfortableness of trying on jeans in the store or pondering over whether something looked awesome or stupid.  I had my Mall Bros there to offer advice and encouragement, and I was able to offer them the same.  It was a pivotal turning point for me in my attempts to overcome this fear of clothes shopping, and I am looking forward to all the future monthly Mall Bros (or Marlboros) mall excursions that await.  Plus we hit the food court.  Bonus!  Anyways, here is a picture of Isaac and Nate showing off their new Perry Ellis white summer sport coats.  LACED!!!  Mall Bros 4 Life.

mall bros

Sunday I made a second trip back to the mall in order to catch Toy Story 3 in Real-D with my sister and a bunch of friends.  This was the first 3-D movie I have gone to since my horrendous eye gouging experience at Avatar, so I was a little nervous about a re-injury at first.  This time I was easily able to put on my glasses without scratching another cornea though, and from there on we all proceeded to be completely wowed by the final epic film in this Toy Story trilogy.  Can’t say enough about how great the movie was.  The wifepiece had never even seen the first two and she still had a blast.  Pixar (and Randy Newman) can truly do no wrong.

Afterwards we ended up having a few drinks and playing cards, and at some point in the night I attempted to try putting a bunch of different shades on my dog Della.  I know how annoying it can be when people excessively show you pictures of their animals, and I am very cautious to keep Della out of this blog as much as possible for that very reason.  Just bear with me for a moment though.  This is kind of hilarious.

della glasses

della stunner shades

della kanye shades

Ha!  Those Kanye shades are the best.  This dog desperately needs an agent.  And here is a picture of me attempting to rock two pairs of shades and win Phase 10 all at the same time (yes that is a poster of Olivia Newton-John in the background, guilty).  Pretty sure I lost at both.

beak shades

I’ll leave you with the Bonus Jam of the week.  I wanted to post some more Drake songs since that album is officially ruling my Camry these days, but decided to opt for more of a curveball route.  I discovered this song last week on the oldies station and it sounds like nothing I’ve ever heard before.  It’s called “Heaven On The 7th Floor” and has to be the most joyous and fun loving song about doing it in an elevator (or maybe just being stuck in an elevator) that I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing.  Aerosmith you stay losing.  Plus there are some vicious flute riffs and handclaps going on here all over the place.  Hope you enjoy it.  See you next Tuesday.

— Beak