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Tuesdays with Sims

I’m hijacking this edition of Tuesdays with Lazerbeak; bang, you got took Beak. I’m not a big blogger so Imma do my best to keep this thing concise and interesting.


It snowed a bit this weekend. I’m sure you’ve seen this by now:

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Metrodome Roof Collapse_20101212113631_JPGfavre

You said it Brett.

Thank you to everyone who came out Saturday night despite there being no busses, cabs or plows. I can’t remember the last time this city shut down for anything, but there we were.  So again, thank you #StormTroopers.  All in all it was a completely momentous weekend for me and the rest of the crew.  We added a third show on Sunday due to the snowstorm, which felt amazing.  Again, I can’t thank everyone that came out, my crew, our friends and the First Ave staff enough for what could quite possibly the most memorable weekend of my life.

There are so many great photos out there so I’m not going to bother posting any but you can check out my guys amazing shots heres:







On another note, I’d like to take a second to announce (shamelessly plug) my new 12″ vinyl single that came out on Friday.  It’s called “Burn it Down” and it features 3 new songs produced by Lazerbeak, one with the homie Slug rapping (2 of which are exclusive to the 12″) the instrumental versions of those 3 and a remix by the homie 2% Muck. Also, you get a digital download card that allows to get the songs digitally and an exclusive music video that my guy Isaac Gayle directed.

It really means a lot to me to have this 12″ out. It makes no sense from a label standpoint to do those anymore, they are super cost heavy and not that many people are interested in vinyl anymore. But I did this for the nostalgic (me) and the collectors, so we only did 500 in an effort to make it something special.  My own record is something that I’ve wanted since I was a little kid and stared playing with my parents vinyl collection, now I have one and I couldn’t be more excited. Thanks to everyone that made that happen. Special thanks to Adam Garcia for the amazing design. We’re going to try and sell physical copies exclusively on our website, and digitally on iTunes if you feel like grabbing it. Be assured that your support means the world to me and the rest of Doomtree.


Here’s a production still of Medium Zack from the video shoot:


And one of my girl:


So, I still haven’t slept much since I’ve been back home, so I guess I haven’t slept much since late October but we’ve done some pretty cool things with our time, Imma give you  a brief rundown:

Some highlights for me:

  • My buddy Fernando took Stef and I out to this really great restaurant in Seattle called Quinns, we ate (no joke) pig face nuggets, rabbit sausage, goat sweetbreads, wild boar sloppy joe, escargot in bone marrow, goat confit…it’s real gluttonous for me. Really though it was more like adventure eating, a way for me to feel like I was eating dinner with my frequently man-crushed-on Anthony Bourdain
  • I tried Four Loko with Beak. That was possibly the most foul concoction I’ve ever tasted.
  • I had the most amazing “Greatest Of All Thanksgivings” with my Minneapolis transplants in Brooklyn.
  • Waaay more people showed up to the shows than we expected, THANK YOU!
  • I got this sweet sweatshirt of a burger and fries in Canada:photo-3
  • My squad had an amazing time together. Everybody got through safely and came back stronger than when they left; that is a win.
  • Saw a lot of friends around the country that I hadn’t seen in a minute and met some new ones.
  • Bad Time Zoo has a release date: Feb 15th 2011, watch for the pre-order due up in the next couple of weeks. I’m really proud of this album, produced 100% by the legend himself Lazerbeak. I have to say that even if you don’t care for my rapping you will enjoy this album because the beats on it are absolutely, jaw-droppingly, face-meltingly stellar; but that doesn’t surprise you at all.

Up next for me: shooting another music video next week the Isaac Gayle, working on getting this album out to as many people as can stomach it.  Definitely going to be posting more food recipes in the next few weeks, I’m really sorry that I posted one then fell the fuck off but the return of the food blog will be glorious.

If you’d like more regular updates from me you can check my twitter: www.twitter.com/SIMSdoomtree

I’d like to thank my guy Lazerbeak for letting me take this time, he’ll be back next Tuesday for an update, until then, take care homies!!!