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Oh man, do I have a jam packed over the top insanely informational post for you guys today.  Let’s start with this new little interview style video the kid Ander put together over the weekend about the beat process behind No Kings.  This album marks the first time that us producers really worked together a ton on several tracks, and you can learn a little more about the process (plus hear a sneak peek teaser of “Own Yours”) in the video below.  No Kings: Behind The Beats.


So this album drops in TWO WEEKS and things are getting a little beyond crazy over here.  Piece by piece this pre-order is really coming together though.  Check out what we just picked up from the plant:

The CDs are back and they turned out awesome!  Black on black embossed logo on the front.  Enormous picture and lyric book insert.  So pleased with how these came out.  Plus the screen printed boxes and metal pins have arrived as well!

Here’s Benny delivering the pallet and a half of pre put together boxes.  I’m still amazed this all fit in the Camry (I really could use that endorsement deal sometime soon).

And here is the transformed finished product (beautifully displayed on the new IKEA couch that me and the wife somehow successfully assembled).

I’m picking up the vinyl and t-shirts later this afternoon and then it’s straight to the webstore to start filling these orders.  Remember, the early pre-order ends this Saturday.  If you grab one by Saturday your order will be shipped out on Wednesday 11/16 (almost a whole week before street date) and we’ll also email you an album download code on the day of release (just in case you live super far away and haven’t received your package by that point).  If you go HERE to order now, you too could be sharing in the joy that Stef is partaking in below.

And while we’re on the subject, let’s go ahead and announce the 2nd winner of our No Kings pre-order Blowout VII ticket giveaway.  Jaclyn Knutson!  Congrats, you’ve won tickets to every single night of the Doomtree Blowout this December for you and a guest.  We’ll be picking two more winners next week (plus one more very special VIP Blowout winner).

Speaking of the Blowout, our good friends over at Gimme Noise are revealing the special guests for the curated Entry shows every day this week.  Yesterday they announced the details of Sims’ curated Sunday show: Brother Ali, Astronautalis, and One Be Lo are the special guests, along with a Sims headlining set.  Complete insanity!!!  Definitely gonna be tough to top that lineup.  Make sure to head over to Gimme Noise all week to see the other bills announced.  All the other Blowout information you need to know is right HERE.

Now for some quick Dessa news (ha, sorry, that’s the most recent pic I have of her).  Dessa and the band are hitting the road tomorrow on a quick week and a half East Coast run.  Make sure to check out all the current dates right HERE.  Last week I talked a bit about her big release show at The Fitzgerald.  If you weren’t in town to catch it, you’re in luck.  The Current (89.3 FM in the Twin Cities, thecurrent.org to stream) will be airing tons of super pro audio from the show tonight at 9 PM central time, plus there will be a bunch of special video/audio posted at thecurrent.org as well.  That show was truly off the chains (people still say that right?), so you definitely are gonna want to tune in.  Here’s just a final reminder of how special/fancy things really got that evening.

Ok, that about does it.  I’m headed back to McNally Smith with Dessa today for a student critique and lecture (1:00-2:30 and open to the public if you wanna nerd out with us).  I’ll leave you with some beyond awesome Bonus Jams from our ultimate homies Marijuana Deathsquads.  They just released Crazy Master last week and good god does this thing smoke.  You can stream the whole thing below  The truly crazy thing is I know how many more albums these guys have in the vaults, and this one sounds nothing like the new stuff.  They are somehow creating groundbreaking music at beyond the speed of light.  Click the album cover below to hear the whole thing, and check out a sweet interview about the album with Ryan and Isaac HERE.

I hope you all have a wonderful week.  Final salesman push (had to do it): Don’t forget to snag the pre-order by Saturday.  Ok, see you next Tuesday!

— Beak