Tuesdays With Lazerbeak

DoomtreeDoomtree, Lazerbeak

Oh man, what a weekend.  That Rock The Garden concert last Saturday was totally out of hand.  Beyond huge shouts to The Current and Walker Art Center for having us, as well as Tune-Yards, Howler, Trampled By Turtles, and The Hold Steady for being such awesome stage company.  I hadn’t even realized this had marked our first crew show in Minneapolis since the Blowout.  Sooooo good to be home.  Here’s an idea of what it looked like from up there.

As if that wasn’t enough, the wifepiece and I got to take Penelope home from the hospital last weekend after three weeks of monitoring.  Easily the best Father’s Day gift a dude could ask for.  Here’s the two of us on her last night in the spittle.

And here’s Young Nelpz at home making some pretty amazing faces.  The first one is her “ice grillin you” look.  The second one is her best attempt at Drake.

And finally here she is already hard at work as my new personal assistant (sorry Della, you’ve been replaced), helping me fire off emails and electronic documents and whatnot.

I gotta cut this post short to get her to her first pediatrician appointment, but I’ll leave you with a pretty sweet Extended Video Bonus Jam.  Pitchfork TV and Vans just released a great little documentary on the making of Modest Mouse’s modern classic The Lonesome Crowded West.  If you’ve ever listened to that album more than once (or like 8,000 times probably) you gotta see this thing.  It’s like a Behind The Music for the indie generation or something.  They’ve got it streaming from their site right now and it’s more than worth the 45 minutes of your time.  Click the player below to check it out.  Prepare yourself though, time has not been kind to 90’s Seattle dudes.


Oh, I almost forgot.  If you live in the Midwest make sure to check out the tour dates for Dessa’s mini week long run with her band.  They’ leave today and are hitting Grand Forks, Fargo, Rochester, Sioux Falls, and Omaha over next week.  Click the pic below for details and tickets.

Ok, for real this time, that’ll do it.  I hope you all have a truly awesome week.  Still can’t believe how insane this NBA post season has been, no matter who you’re rooting for.  Hopefully there’s still a series happening when I see you next Tuesday.  I wanna see this thing go 7 games!

— Beak